Weekly Newsletter of CSC e-Governance Services India Limited, December 18, 2015  |   CSC network is one of the largest Government approved online service delivery channels in the world
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  Inactive Bank Mitr/BC to be deleted

It has been observed that there are certain VLEs who are working as Bank Mitr / Banking Correspondent Agent (BCA) /Customer Service Point (CSP) of the Banks but are not doing any transaction on the Kiosk Banking Solution (KBS) provided by the Bank. Banks have been asking CSC to deactivate all such codes which are inactive in the system.

As per the mandate given by the banks, to be considered active in the System all the BCA have to

  1. Minimum of 25 transactions per month
  2. Minimum 25 days Login on Bank’s kiosk solution per month

All those who are inactive because of Genuine Reasons can give their feedback on the Bank Mitr Feedback which is available on , Kindly consider this as an Urgent activity and give your inputs for our inputs and action.

“Kindly activate your code As soon as possible in case it is Inactivate”

All those who have not yet registered for Banking can register for Bank Mitr on for Bank Mitr related Activities through CSC.


  Workshop held on NABARD Farmer Club Digitization in Dhule, Maharashtra

CSC SPV conducted a VLE training workshop on NABARD farmer club digitization in Dhule District, Maharashtra on 10 December 2015. The workshop was attended by NABARD - HO - Official, NABARD Pune RO Official, NABARD DDM(Dhule), All Facilitating NGOs for Farmer Club of Dhule District, 40 VLEs and CSC-SPV officials. In the training session NABARD Official stressed on importance of Digitization of farmer club and mentioned NGO and all Farmer club should proactively co ordinate with CSC-VLEs to provide the desired information.

Each and every questions/field mentioned on the application explained by NABARD- HO officials.


  Krishaksarathi portal launched by Nabard chairman

Today Nabard chairman launched Krishaksarathi portal for Farmer Club Digitization. On this occasion Nabard GM, CGM, DGM of FSPD explained on Portal features. Nabard GM, CGM, DGM of FSPD and all departmental GM were present during the inauguration.

Speaking at the occasion Chairman said all farmer club will be digitized through this portal in coordination with CSC centres.

To see the portal features visit www.krishaksarathi.org


  Inauguration ceremony of 101 kiosk centre at Raebareli, UP

Today Baroda UP Grameen Bank- Head office Raebareli has arranged inauguration Ceremony of 101 Kiosk at Raebareli. The objective of inauguration ceremony was to provide knowledge to VLE/BCA on operational as well as different banking product and others launched by GoI and Bank like APY, Social Security scheme etc.

Program were chaired by BUPGB Chairman (Mr K.R Kanozia) and attended by General Manager , Regional Manager and Chief Manager- FI of BUPGB. CSC SPV coordinator and Service provider were also present in the ceremony.

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