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हिन्दी में पढ़ने के लिए इधर क्लिक करें!!

 VLE Sneha Lata organizes special digital literacy training for ‘Banjara’ community in Rajasthan

Despite being aware of all the hurdles and hardships she would meet, a woman VLE from a small village of Kasba, near Alwar district of Rajasthan organized 20 days of digital literacy training for nomadic people, commonly known as ‘Banjaras’ .

Banjara community comprises of a large number of poor families, who are digitally illiterate. Most of them are daily wage workers and have limited access and knowledge of digital devices. However, VLE Sneha Lata took up the challenge to spread awareness of digital technologies among this tribe. She personally visited the head of the tribe and convinced him for his support to organize digital literacy session.

VLE Sneha Lata provided them with hands-on training on laptop and mobile phones and taught them about various components of digital devices. She also screened the training e-content on various modules of NDLM.

The ‘banjaras’ were very happy to receive information about digital technologies and realized the importance of digital literacy in today’s world. After receiving training on digital devices and various communications possible through digital devices, the Banjaras have been curious to know more about the Common Services Centers and the Digital India Programme. Many of them have also shown an inclination for opening a CSC.


 NDLM contest held in Government Senior Secondary School in Mohali, Punjab

A competition on NDLM/DISHA was organised on May 20, 2016 at the Government Senior Secondary School in Lohgarh area of Mohali district, Punjab by VLE Anuradha Garg. The objective was to create publicity and awareness about the both the schemes.

Close to 30 students participated in various computer-based activities like painting, typing, etc. Mr. Vijay Kumar was declared winner of the Painting competition. Ms. Srishti, who could type the fastest, won first position in the Typing competition. The winner of the Folder Creation and other computer-based activities was Ms. Gurpreet Kaur. Tablets were distributed to the winners of each contest.


 NDLM Status Update

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