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 Digital Financial Literacy program for Jute Mill workers in Bally, Kolkata

CSC SPV organised the literacy program on Cashless transactions to the Jute Mill workers in Bally, Kolkata on 8th Dec 2016. On 9th Dec 2016 the Jute Commissioner had approached CSC for demonstrating cashless transactions amongst the workers. CSC representative along with VLE Mr. Safiruddin Lashkar, CSP of PNB had demonstrated micro ATMs process and AEPS to the people there. They have shown their utmost eagerness and have asked to deploy one CSC in every Jute Mill. They have also asked to create account of their workers and to enable them with Cashless transaction of salary by linking their account with Aadhaar numbers. This is a great achievement for CSC as there are 72 Jute mills and almost 2,10,000 workers.

Further training at various Jute Mills listed below :

# DFIAA session at Bally Jute Mill, Howrah District by CSC
Training to almost 139 workers given by our CSC employee Mr Aminul Islam in the presence of Mr. Pradip dey from JCI, Mr. Baidyanath Banerjee Manager Jute Mill and Mill Owner Mr Rabi Sharma. The overall effect was very positive.

# DFIAA session at Anglo India Jute Mills, Kolkata by CSC
Two sessions conducted with almost 90 workers by CSC employee Chinmoy Pal and PnB BC Mrinmoy Chakraborty and modes of cashless transaction demonstrated.

# DFIAA session at Cheviot Jute Mills, Budge Budge, South 24 Parganas
Almost 60 workers were trained and various cashless transaction modes demonstrated by our CSC employee Mr. Amit Dey and VLE Mr. Ashok Das. 50 accounts opened so far.

# DFIAA sessions in Birla Jute Mill , Budge Budge, South 24 Parganas
Go cashless demonstration and training to the workers of Birla Jute Mill was imparted by CSC employee Mr. Subhendu Samanta and BOB Bank Mitra Mr.Washim Akram and Mr. Rakesh Bhagat. Beneficiary enrolment and AEPS transactions were done successfully.

# DFIAA session at Hukum Chand Jute Mill, Halisahar, Hooghly by CSC
Training imparted to almost 280 workers of Hukum Chand Jute Mill , Halisahar by our CSC employee Mr. Surojit Datta Banil and VLE Mr. Sudip Saha. AEPS transaction demonstrated successfully.

# DFIAA sessions at Reliance Jute Mill, North 24 Parganas by CSC
Training on “Go cashless Go Digital” conducted for the workers of Reliance Jute Mill by CSC employee Mr. Suman Nandi and VLE Abhishek Gupta and Tulasi Shaw. AEPS transactions done successfully.


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