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 Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana Launched

Dear VLEs,

We are pleased to announce that PRADHAN MANTRI FASAL BIMA YOJANA (PMFMY/Crop Insurance) has been launched on Digital Seva Portal.

Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana (PMFBY) has been launched by Hon’able Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi with aims to support sustainable production in agriculture sector by way of providing financial support to the farmers suffering crop loss/damage arising out of unforeseen events; stabilizing the income of farmers to ensure their continuance in farming; encouraging farmers to adopt innovative and modern agricultural practices; and ensuring flow of credit to the agriculture sector; which will contribute to the food security, crop diversification and enhancing growth and competitiveness of agriculture sector besides protecting farmers from production risks.

PMFBY is monitored by our Prime Minister’s Office & Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India.
Any NON LOANEE Farmer who want to cover his Fasal/Crop can enroll under this scheme by contributing some amount of Premium.
Because this is a subsidized scheme, Hence farmer has to pay only his share of premium, rest premium will be paid by the Central & State Government to the insurance companies directly.

This scheme is regulated by the Insurance Regulatory & Development Authority of India (IRDAI) and all major General Insurance Companies have assigned different State & District to insure Crops/Fasal of these farmers as per instructions of the Government of India.
Process Video in Hindi https://youtu.be/uJkdV-Le4Yo
Process Video in English https://youtu.be/WGej1EcZ-W0

Roles & responsibilities of CSC VLEs :
1. All CSC VLEs have to ensure to create awareness about this Scheme to all the NON LOANEE farmers in their Areas.
2. You will get INSTANT earning of Rs 24 (Less TDS) for every successful submitted application.
3. You will not charge any additional/extra amount from the Farmer except the Premium displayed in the Crop Portal. Premium will be auto calculated on the basis of Insured area & crop selected by you after the confirmation from Farmer.
4. Insured Area should be in Hectare only (You have to convert his land area in Hectare with the help of tools available on Internet) or by http://www.indianground.com/calculators/area-conversion-calculator.aspx
5. CSC VLEs are allowed to accept applications of ONLY NON LOANEE farmers.
6. Loanee Farmers shall approach/contact to their banks for Insurance under this scheme.

The Non-loanee farmers are required to submit necessary documents, which you shall require to scan & upload to complete Farmer registration.
These documents are :
1. Land record / Land Proof, which will show farmer’s name or his Father’s name along with his name.
2. In case of Tenant Farmer : Applicable contract/ agreement details/ other documents notified/ permitted by concerned State Government. If case of No document, Self Declaration can be accepted.
3. Passbook & Cancelled Cheque – You can scan any available document or both in single page to upload.
4. Sowing Certificate : Farmers may get this Certificate from Patwari / surpanch / pradhaan or from their Taluka/Tehsil/Block office.

Sum Insured /Coverage Limit :
Sum Insured per hectare for non-loanee farmers will be same and equal to the Scale of Finance as decided by the District Level Technical Committee, and would be pre-declared by SLCCCI and notified. No other calculation of Scale of Finance will be applicable. Sum Insured for individual farmer is equal to the Scale of Finance per hectare multiplied by area of the notified crop proposed by the farmer for insurance.

Coverage of Risks and Exclusions :
1. Following stages of the crop and risks leading to crop loss are covered under the scheme :
a) Prevented Sowing/ Planting Risk: Insured area is prevented from sowing/ planting due to deficit rainfall or adverse seasonal conditions
b) Standing Crop (Sowing to Harvesting): Comprehensive risk insurance is provided to cover yield losses due to non- preventable risks, viz. Drought, Dry spells, Flood, Inundation, Pests and Diseases, Landslides, Natural Fire and Lightening, Storm, Hailstorm, Cyclone, Typhoon, Tempest, Hurricane and Tornado.
c) Post-Harvest Losses: coverage is available only up to a maximum period of two weeks from harvesting for those crops which are allowed to dry in cut and spread condition in the field after harvesting against specific perils of cyclone and cyclonic rains and unseasonal rains.
d) Localized Calamities: Loss/ damage resulting from occurrence of identified localized risks of hailstorm, landslide, and Inundation affecting isolated farms in the notified area.
2. General Exclusions: Losses arising out of war and nuclear risks, malicious damage and other preventable risks shall be excluded.
Let us all ensure that no farmer across INDIA should left behind to enroll in this scheme.

For Any Query & feedback, Pls write us to csc.crop@gmail.com

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