Weekly Newsletter of CSC e-Governance Services India Limited, February 13, 2015  |   CSC network is one of the largest Government approved online service delivery channels in the world
 Flipkart to encourage e-Commerce in rural India through CSCs

Flipkart, a leading destination for online shopping has signed an MOU with CSC SPV for strengthening CSCs as Economic Service Center (ESC).

Flipkart, a leading destination for online shopping has signed an MOU with CSC SPV for utilizing the VLEs under CSC Scheme to promote e-Commerce in rural India.

As per the agreement, the VLEs can procure products on behalf of rural citizens and earn great commissions. Also, they would be facilitating rural artisans/ vendors to showcase and sell their products on Flipkart‎. VLEs will help rural vendors to come onboard in order to increase their reach and visibility.

Other than this, both Flipkart and CSC SPV will work towards achieving the following objectives:

1. Facilitate CSCs into becoming economically prosperous
2. Enhance revenue generation of CSCs
3. Make CSCs a hub of economic activity in rural areas
4. Help in economic development of ancillary industries such as packaging, logistics, etc around CSC.
5. Increase employment in rural areas
6. Facilitate MSME’s in rural areas to sell their products online
7. Strengthen CSC as ESC (Economic Service Center)

Flipkart is currently on a mission to assist MSME’s/small retailers/sellers/handloom weavers/artisans who do not have an established brand, marketing and financial wherewithal, technical expertise, etc to get an online presence. Flipkart has tied up with CSC SPV to utilize CSCs in fulfilling this mission. CSCs as ESC will not only encourage development of rural entrepreneurship but will also make VLEs the sole point of contact for all economic activity.

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