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 Aadhaar Enabled Payment System is now live

Any resident with an Aadhaar number can now visit a CSP/BC of State Bank of India and do transactions.

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Any resident with an Aadhaar number can now visit a CSP/BC of State Bank of India and do transactions. Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS) has been made live.

VLEs who want to activate the facility, need to set it in their desktops/ or laptops. The document and action points are below.

AEPS had recently been launched in Kiosk Application. AEPS is currently available for Non-Kiosk customers whose accounts are Aadhaar seeded for Aadhaar based deposit, withdrawal, transfer and balance enquiry transaction. Now the facility has been extended to Kiosk customers.


 SBI starts implementation of Cash@POS

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State Bank of India has started implementing the scheme for VLEs who have already registered on CSC portal under "Cash@POS for SBI.
A total of 1475 VLEs have registered under State Bank of India's Cash@POS scheme. All VLEs should immediately register and activate existing accounts under the scheme during the month of January 2015 and earn extra commissions. 
SBI had announced the implementation of Cash @ Point of Sale (POS) scheme for implementation through CSC, following an agreement signed with CSC SPV on March 11, 2014. CSCs across the country can now act as a micro ATM, which could be used by people with debit cards to withdraw cash.
Specifically, State Bank of India’s (SBI) debit card holders across the country can withdraw cash from their nearest CSCs that have a point-of-sale (POS) terminal installed.  

Cash up to a maximum of Rs. 1000/card/day can be disbursed through CSC with POS terminal. This move is in line with RBI’s idea of opening up POS terminals for cash withdrawal that was floated a couple of years ago under the Financial Inclusion Scheme. 

Bank has waived to charge the convenience fee to 1% of transaction amount from the customer account. Earlier customers were hesitant to transact at CSC outlet because of this charge.   

Now, no charges are to be levied on customers in case the transaction are done through CSC with a POS terminal. VLE should register their details immediately on http://www.csc.gov.in/banking_pos/ under Cash & POS.
Benefits of Cash @ POS

The Cash at POS facility provides an additional and convenient channel for withdrawing cash from one's bank account. The VLE can earn additional revenue per transaction. 
CSCs can become SBI center which shall increase the business and credibility of the CSC.

This service will help the VLE to serve his/her customer better in a multiple ways.

  • Last minute requirement for cash; doorstep service to the customer in a real sense thus creating confidence and trust amongst the customers.
  • Creating an additional accounts with SBI, especially of those who have got an account with the RRB s (Regional Rural Bank).                                                                                          

Instructions for VLEs  
Registration in portal should be done only after opening of Zero balance settlement account in the nature of Current Account. In case VLE has already opened such account, there is no need to open separate account. VLEs SHOULD NOT enter their Saving Bank account details in this box as CSC SPV does not have any check to verify as to whether it is Current or Savings Account. Bank would discard the applicant having entered Saving Bank account.

Flow of transaction: 
1. Swipe your card on the Cash at POS terminal
2. Either the cardholder or the merchant to select the type of transaction
3. Enter PIN for PIN based cards
4. Sign the charge slip
5. Collect Cash

We attach herewith a link of FAQs of Cash@POS:  
Link below: