Weekly Newsletter of CSC e-Governance Services India Limited, July 22, 2016  |   CSC network is one of the largest Government approved online service delivery channels in the world
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 Banks to celebrate Mega APY Pension harmony week from July 25 - 29

Atal Pension Yojana was launched by PFRDA with the aim to provide each and every citizen a sustainable and secure old age income support to the underprivileged and people from unorganized sector.

Banks have decided to organize a focused drive “APY PENSION HARMONY WEEK” from July 25 to 29th . All Banking Correspondents are instructed to enroll minimum 5 APY subscribers. They are also instructed to make intensive efforts to enroll maximum APY subscribers in their area.

The performance of the BCAs on “APY PENSION HARMONY WEEK” will be reviewed on daily basis.

VLEs can also enroll APY subscribers through APNA CSC Portal under JAN SURAKSHA YOJANA .



We are delighted to inform you that CSC SPV has launched a new service, Aadhaar Seeding in Bank Accounts, using CSC e-KYC platform and centres.

Aadhaar  seeding  is  a  process  by  which Aadhaar  numbers of  residents  are  included  in  the  service  delivery  database  of  service  providers  (In this case the service provider is Bank) for  enabling de - duplication  of  database  and Aadhaar - based authentication during service delivery.

The objective of de- duplication is not to replace the currently used  unique  identifier of  the  customers/  residents/ beneficiaries with  Aadhaar, but to clean  up the  databases  for  any  ghosts  /  duplicate  entries  and seamlessly  enable  Aadhaar  authentication without impacting any other interface that the service providers maintain with their customers.

Further,  as  Aadhaar  number  is  unique  and  does  not  change over  the  lifecycle  of  an  individual,  the 12-digit  Aadhaar  number  is  sufficient  enough  to  transfer  any  payments  to  an  individual.  Today,  in order  to  transfer  money  to  a  beneficiary,  the  Government/  Institution  needs  to  know  the  bank account,  IFSC  Code,  and bank  branch  details  etc. 

Aadhaar offers the  possibility of sending government payments by using just the 12- digit Aadhaar number  for  life, which makes government  payments agnostic  to any  changes  in  the  bank aAccount of the individuals, hence reducing the administrative burden.

CSC SPV is registered as Authorized Service Agency (ASA) and Authorized User Agency (AUA) with UIDAI for e- KYC related activities. All our centres are capable of performing EKYC transaction. Currently we have 1,66,671 centres which are offering various citizen centric services across the length and breadth of our nation. About One Crore accounts have been opened through CSCs under PMJDY for various banks. CSC as a Registrar with UIDAI has generated 110,904,797  Aadhaar across India.

CSC Aadhaar seeding platform is a neutral platform and it has the following propositions for Aadhaar seeding with Bank accounts:

•         Multiple touch points, These centres will be additional points for Aadhaar seeding 
•         All Common Services Centres (CSCs) capable of handling Aadhaar Seeding as they are offering various services using EKYC
•         We have all the three options on our EKYC platform - IRIS / FINGER PRINT / OTP
•         Application has functionality of taking online consent from the customer for Aadhaar seeding



All VLEs are requested to register for Apna Dhan service at the earliest as this service will play a vital role in transferring payments related to all social welfare schemes, PDS and Direct Benefit Transfers directly into the beneficiaries’ bank account.

As many as 16,500 VLEs have registered for Apna Dhan (AEPS) service since its launch. AEPS service also provides an opportunity for VLEs to earn better commission and serve the community where there are no banking access points. VLEs can also leverage on the footfall at their centre and play a vital role in making a cashless society as per the vision of Government. 

Benefit of Apna Dhan service to CSCs over conventional Banking correspondence:

  • It is an independent service which does not require banks approval to set up BC.
  • There is no unnecessary requirement of documentation. Only by doing e-KYC based registration, VLEs can start this service.
  • This service is bank independent and hence any bank’s customer can avail services such as cash withdrawal, deposit, Remittances etc.
  • Principle and commission amount will be settled on next day, so there will be no pendency of commission. 
  • Chances of fraudulent activities are negligible as every transaction is authorized by Aadhaar.

Apna Dhan manual link for AePS registration-

VLEs can visit the below mentioned link and can see the Apna Dhan Registration procedure step by step https://www.csc.gov.in/images/Apna_V2_manual.pdf

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