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 BOB launches new link for kiosk banking

All Business Correspondents of Bank of Baroda can access the new link for kiosk banking here and also on CSC website and Portal. The old link will be disabled with effect from January 26, 2015. Link inside!

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Bank of Baroda has launched a new link for the VLEs who are currently delivering their kiosk banking solution. The old link will be disabled with effect from January 26, 2015.

The process follow to use the new link for kiosk banking solution by VLEs is shared below. All VLEs must access this before or on Jan 26, 2015.

Link for downloading: ftp://ftp.precisionbiometric.co.in
Username: ftp_bobvle@techconet.co.in
Password : B0bvle@123
Filename : BOB_LINK_PATCH.zip
Steps to be followed

1.  Copy the Folder BOB_LINK_PATCH.zip in your System Drive (ex: - C: drive).

2.  Unzip the folder BOB_LINK_PATCH.zip using winrar or using any unzip software.

3.  After unzip the folder, a batch file named "BOB_LINK_PATCH.bat" will appear. 

4.  Right click the batch file "BOB_LINK_PATCH.bat" and run as administrator (for Win 7 users and 
     for Win XP run directly) and ensure that you are logged in Administrator.

5.  You will get the black screen, wherein it updates the required new website link https://bob.ngm-fi.com/ and removes the previous link

VLE Login: 

Admin Login: