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 VLE from Jaipur registers over 5000 beneficiaries under NABARD FLP

Ghanshyam in his centre at Chonp village

Ghanshyam Kandel is a young and active VLE from Chonp village in Jaipur, Rajasthan. He set up the CSC five years back. Although financial conditions were not very favourable in his family, his perseverance and positive attitude helped him emerge as a successful entrepreneur. With hard work, he completed his graduation and post-graduation along with running the centre.

Ghanshyam has successfully registered over 5000 beneficiaries under the NABARD Financial Literacy Programme from two blocks – Amber and Chaksu – of Jaipur. Ghanshyam took extra efforts to conduct orientation sessions to spread awareness about the programme in various villages of the two blocks, with the help of village sarpanch and Rajasthan Marudhara Gramin Bank officials. During these sessions, he told the rural population about the benefits of opening a bank account, importance of saving, various government sponsored schemes, etc. Following these sessions, people in large numbers started approaching Ghanshyam for registering in the FLP. Afterwards, he conducted workshops at various places. The beneficiaries were explained about the importance of a bank account and how to open one. An animated movie was also screened for them in order to explain terms such as loans, savings, budget, etc in a better way. He also encouraged various questions from the villagers and guided them in the best possible way. Apart from talking about financial aspects, he also distributed Financial Literacy kits and participation certificates to all the beneficiaries present.

Apart from successfully conducting FLP sessions in two blocks, Ghanshyam has also planned and assisted 29 other VLEs of the district in conducting awareness workshops under the programme. And they have successfully registered around 5000 beneficiaries under the NABARD programme in seven blocks of Jaipur district. Through his endeavours, Ghanshyam has not only had good earnings, but has also gained lot of respect in his community.


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