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 E-PashuChikitsa lends helping hand to Polka, a Pomeranian dog

Darrang: Mr.Biswajit Mallick from Assam lost his hope when his Pomeranian dog, Polka, started suffering from acute bronchitis. But, e-PashuChikitsa, animal telemedicine facility came up as helping hand to the pet owner.

“Polka was suffering from acute bronchitis. I took the dog to different vets in our precinct but the efforts went in vain. I felt like Polka was about to die,” said Biswajit.

He added that Dr. Ajay Verma of e-PashuChikitsa diagnosed the disease and prescribed medicines via virtual consultation.

“I registered for vet consultation through the Common Service Centre (CSC) in Darrang District. Dr Ajay inspected the pet through a video call and prescribed medicines which helped the dog to survive the critical condition. Now, Polka is totally fit and fine,” Biswajitsaid.

CSC scheme is offering animal telemedicine facility called – ePashuChikitsa – through its vast network across the country.

Under this programme, a full time qualified veterinary doctor is available from 9.30 AM to 6 PM, 5 days a week for teleconsultation. Any animal owner can go to nearest CSC, schedule an appointment with the doctor, can interact with the doctor through video, audio and text messages and check the doctor prescribed slip.

To ensure hassle-free experience to the animal owners, the process for teleconsultation has been made simple. Basically, the owner of the animal will take the pictures and a short video of the diseased part of animal. Then, he or she will visit the nearest CSC centre to make a registration for the doctor’s appointment. Before fixing the appointment and sharing the data, the CSC operator also known as VLE (village level entrepreneur) will get the consent form filled.

Thereafter, with the help of Google Drive or Drop box, the pictures and videos would be shared with a team of veterinary doctors. After analysing it, the doctor will diagnose and send the advice or prescription for the patient to the VLE. In the process, the doctor may consult the owner through video conferencing. During this entire process, both the doctors and animal owners can see the status and manage the appointments with the help of an online dashboard.

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