Weekly Newsletter of CSC e-Governance Services India Limited, April 8, 2016  |   CSC network is one of the largest Government approved online service delivery channels in the world
 Dimpal: A true CSC entrepreneur

Ms. Dimpal’s story reflects her great attitude towards entrepreneurship. Five years back in 2011, Government decided to run a PDS Coupon pilot project in Navagam village. However, it faced an obstacle as nobody in the village knew how to operate computers. They decided to assign this responsibility to a primary teacher, who would work part-time. But the primary teacher was also transferred and again the work was stalled. It was then that Ms. Dimpal came forward. She took up the challenge. After becoming digitally literate, she started working as a VLE. She quickly acclimatised to the CSC ecosystem and also developed IT skills. She worked very hard for her CSC. Today, Ms. Dimpal is successfully running the CSC and is an example for many other women in her village.

Ms. Dimpal says: “My financial condition was not good. As the eldest child in the family, I wanted to help my family financially. My family also supported me in every decision.”

Today she earns around Rs  8,000/-  per month by serving the villages by delivering various government and private services.

According to her, “Through CSC, benefit from various welfare schemes are now available to farmers of the surrounding villages. CSC is also helping the villagers meet their public utility requirements on time and in a cost effective manner. CSC has transformed the life of residents in a big way.”

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