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  Fight against Corruption by VLE Reena Singla

The grassroots information technology access that CSCs are acting as instruments of engendering social change. The services offered by CSCs are allowing digital access to services for the poorest and hence reducing corruption and malpractices.

This is the story of Ward no. 6 Ambala, Haryana. The VLE Reena Singla runs a CSC centre at Ward no. 6 Ambala, Haryana. She came to knew that a person, who has applied passport through her CSC centre, was paying Rs. 1000 as bribe to the police verification officer (PVO) as the PVO used to threaten them to forget the passport. The Police officer said that his documents were not sufficient. When the VLE came to know about the incident, she decided to put an end to all this and insisted the PVO to return the money without any delay. The PVO returned the money to the citizen.

The VLE has asked all the citizens in her area not to give bribe to any government official. The VLE has become a female role model in her area.

VLE Reena Singla Felicitated at SKOCH Award 2017

CSC VLE Reena Singla Felicitated during 47th SKOCH Award 2017 in the Platinum category. She also received Skoch Order-Of-Merit Award 2017 (under Category Top 200 CSCs in India). The 47th SKOCH awards recognised top performing government organisations and organisations working with the government, operating at local, state and national level in the area of Health, Education, Rural Development/Panchayati Raj, Urban Development, Finance, and Security. It is a step towards recognising the best practices and models of governance for excellent and efficient implementation of programmes and services delivery.

The Skoch Awards were instituted in year 2013. These Awards celebrate human excellence and agents of change in Indian society. The Awards are based on the philosophy of spearheading positive socio-economic changes through recognising persons who have contributed immensely to salutary transformations in society and governance by displaying exemplary leadership abilities. The awards are independent benchmark of best practices in India in the fields of governance, finance, banking, technology, corporate citizenship, economics and inclusive growth. The SKOCH awards recognise individuals, highlight projects and focus institutions that go the extra mile to make India a better nation.


 Outstanding work by 62 years old VLE in DigiDhan in tribal district

Mr. Somabhai Choudhary, a 62 years old VLE from a tribal village Rundha of Bharuch district (Gujarat) has done Rs 25000 cashless transaction. His work was appreciated by local authorities and villagers. Mr. Choudhary is also a FPS owner.

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