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हिन्दी में पढ़ने के लिए इधर क्लिक करें!!

 UP VLE spreading ICT awareness among women

Dr.  Promila is a Doctorate of Philosophy in Computer Science. She was passionate about creating awareness about ICT among rural people especially women.  She started with a small computer training institute at a village named  Nizam Pur,  located in Chinhat Block, Lucknow District in Uttar Pradesh.

As rural people are mostly untouched by the digital revolution, she took it upon herself to spread digital literacy. She became a VLE in 2004. The rural population of even neighbouring villages started depending on her CSC for various services. People of the area were not computer literate, so she began imparting computer education to the people of her village and the neighboring villages. She trained over 2000 individuals comprising of youths, women, elderly and children.

Dr Promila earns around Rs 20,000 per month from various services being provided at her CSC. She feels that with her without the family’s support and understanding, she could not have been successful. Her family has stood by her side for providing any kind of support which enables her to work late hours or devote more focused time at work.

According to her, CSC has helped in ensuring that digital services reach the rural people. These services have brought lot of convenience to public as well as the CSC owners. For Promila also, her life has changed, as she earned respect from both her family and the villagers. She is also satisfied with her earnings. 

Her husband teaches work to illiterate people, students and unemployed at his CSC. She wants to do the same for women.  Her aim is to merge both the CSCs and make it bigger and better. She wants to employ 5 women and make it ladies special. She wants to make her CSC the biggest in her state and serve as many people as possible in order to reduce corruption.

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