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 VLE Sudhir accomplishes highest number of survey under NDLM in Bihar

Sudhir Kumar, a VLE from Bajitpur Saidat panchayat, Vaishali district, Bihar, accomplished the highest number under the surveyed of NDLM project through CSC.

Sudhir Kumar, a champion VLE from Vaishali district of Bihar, started his journey as a VLE in 2008. He wholeheartedly started delivering the services available through CSC. Besides delivering other services through CSC, Sudhir Kumar also created a record under the National Digital Literacy Mission (NDLM) household survey within a very short span of time.

He made proactive efforts towards popularizing the NDLM through CSC. Since December 2014 to March 2015, he has successfully carried out NDLM household survey in more than five panchayats in the district and has covered 9225 households. This is the highest number of households targeted by any VLE in not just Vaishali district, but entire Bihar.

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