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हिन्दी में पढ़ने के लिए इधर क्लिक करें!!

Aadhaar campaign among minority communities by VLE Misba

Computer Science graduate Misba after completion of her Degree in 2013, started working as a lecturer. But, under Digital India mission, when Misba came to know about CSC, she left her job and set her CSC centre in year 2015. She is among top transacting VLEs in the Haryana.

Misba says, "Under CSC I have a chance to work as Aadhaar operator and got experience a life which was so far from my consideration. Due to my efforts, Aadhaar penetration is 100% in my locality. I organised camps for differently abled persons. I motivated muslim community to come and enroll themselves, Camps organised for women who" WEARS BURKHA" and MADRASA students."

She adds, "In 2015, I came to know about a family having four 100% physically disabled. Mr. Yasin has three daughters and one elder son. All of them are disabled. He told me that his children are facing a disease in which after 12years old feet and hands movement stop working. And his children are not a student/pension gainer or working person. I enrolled them all at their residence. With the help of Aadhaar they became capable of MEDICAL CERTIFICATE, DOMICILE CERTIFICATE and today they are Pension Beneficiaries.


Aadhaar Camp for Merchants in Sidhpur, Gujarat

AADHAR updation camp organised by VLE Hamidhusen Abdulbhai Mansuri in Sidhpur. This special camp was only for the merchants those who will register themselves under GOODS AND SERVICE TAX (GST). Merchants in the area are happy with this service of CSC. The VLE used UCL to update that mobile numbers. Their Aadhaar updated within 24 hours.

VLE updated over 350 merchants through this camp in last week.


Opportunity for VLEs who have UCL: To update the mobile number for GST Registration

The GST Common Portal prompts the taxpayer to enter the Aadhaar number of the Authorized Signatory. After validating the Aadhaar Number, the GST Common Portal sends a request to UIDAI system to send an OTP. UIDAI system sends an OTP to e-mail address and mobile number registered against Aadhaar number. The GST System prompts the taxpayer to enter the OTP. The taxpayer enters the OTP and submits the Enrolment Application or the document. Because of the same residents who are tax payers/GST Applicant and needs to update their mobile number to migrate to GST Platform. VLEs are requested to use UCL service and if at all the there is some issue with the connectivity then use the offline ECMP client to do the update and immediately upload the packet.


UIDAI Notifications

1. Packet must be uploaded within 5 days of enrollment
We request all VLEs to Upload packets to CIDR regularly without fail. As per UIDAI mandate effective from 1st June 2017 onwards, if there is any “Un-Uploaded” packet which is “greater than 5 days” then that Client/enrolment station will get freeze.

2. Regarding Operator addition (Credential generation):
As Per UIDAI Guidelines UIDAI have disabled admin rights of Enrolment Agency to associate (add) operator. Operator can now get associated to enrollment agency only through RO’s. Now RO will be adding operator to enrolment agency in admin portal, so it will take some time to add an Operator. Your cooperation is required for continuous flow of services.

3. On imposing of penalty @ Rs 10000/- per corruption cases
It has been decided by UIDAI to impose a fine for every incident of corruption like charging money or promoting touts etc, @ Rs. 10000/- Per Incident. Accordingly penalty will be imposed on respective Operators / VLEs by CSC.


Important News:

As per the latest directions of the Honorable Supreme Court, it will be mandatory for all the mobile subscribers in India to link their Aadhaar number with their respective mobile numbers within one year without fail. This brings in a huge opportunity for the VLEs to get them on board themselves for UCL service with CSC SPV and start doing mobile updates of the residents in their area. Please reach to your nearest CSC Coordinator to activate the UCL service.


VLE having UID certificate and Aadhaar Kit, Kindly fill this form to start Aadhaar Enrolment


Aadhaar Status

  • Total Aadhaar Generated by UIDAI as on date: 115,47,33,828
  • Aadhaar Generated by CSC PECs till date: 16,79,96,238
  • Total Enrolment done by CSC PECs: 23,49,19,035
  • Total Demographic & Biometric updates done by CSC PECs till date: 4,01,12,354
  • Total number of CSC PECs: 15,209


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