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Naresh a VLE from Godavarikhani town in Karimnagar district of Telangana state enrols Aadhaar for old age and disabled at their homes freely. Citizens from the district have appreciated his services and major newspapers covered his endeavour.


 Twins get enrolled in Aadhaar on the day of their birth in Alwar

Common Services Center in Bansur area of Alwar district in Rajasthan has taken a unique initiative by enrolling twin new born babies. On August 30, Roshani Devi gave birth to twins at the Community Health Centre in the area. As soon as VLE Snehlata received the information regarding the birth, she sent one of her staffs to enrol both the babies under Aadhaar.

Thanks to VLE Snehalata, apart from the twins, their mother Roshani has also now got her Aadhar Card. Parents of the children are pleased with the prompt service they have received from a CSC in their vicinity. This is the first such instance of Aadhaar enrolment on the day of birth for not just Alwar, but the entire country. The VLE now plans to do this activity for all new borns in her area.


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 Aadhaar Status

  • Total Aadhaar Generated by UIDAI as on date: 104, 98, 10,610
  • Aadhaar Generated by CSC PECs till date: 12,13,75,730
  • Total Enrolment done by CSC PECs: 15,82,10,013
  • Total Demographic & Biometric updates done by CSC PECs till date: 1,73,17,027
  • Total number of CSC PECs: 20,290

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