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  Prof Anand of Super 30 agreed to enable IIT JEE exam preparation for students at Rs. one through CSC

Renowned mathematician Prof. Anand Kumar, in an interaction with students of rural India through CSCs mentioned that the Common Service Centre have played a significant role in Digital India initiatives of the Government. He said that CSC rural entrepreneurs have the ability to revolutionize India by empowering rural citizens and providing opportunities for poor during corona pandemic. They are taking forward the agenda of the government in serving the underserved especially those living in the rural India.

During the program, Prof. Kumar said that with the help of CSC, we will prepare IIT- JEE exams for students of rural India in just Rs 1. “With the help of CSC, we will set up online material for poor children. It would provide the right impetus to the students at the right time through innovative teaching to develop their interest in Mathematics and Science subjects at an early age. It would shape them for different competitions. The thrust would be on developing inquisitiveness, so very important for science and maths education.”

Prof Anand Kumar was live on CSC Social media platforms. He spoke on ‘Opportunities at the time of crisis.’ Prof Anand Kumar shared his experience and guided through managing challenges and utilizing the time for the best.

“CSC is helping millions of students in rural India in their studies. During Corona pandemic, so many exams postponed. The proper utilization of this time is very important. I got the chance to study in Cambridge University but could not peruse studies there because of father’s death and monetary condition. I took the challenge as opportunity and never lost hope.”

Talking about his initiatives through Super 30, he said, “We take students from economically backward sections provide study materials and lodging for a year. We prepared them for the Joint Entrance Examination for the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) and my mother cooked for the students.”

On his association with CSC, he said, “There are so many success stories in rural areas after the collaboration between CSC and Super 30. We are working on the models to track the talented bunch of students from economically impoverished sections and hone their skills by providing a conducive environment. Talent knows no boundaries. It is everywhere. All one needs is to spot talent and nurture it to let it blossom.” He said, “Our results have been encouraging. The talented students have been given quality teaching and an open atmosphere to perform to the best of their potential.”

Motivating students during corona pandemic, Prof. Kumar said, “Positive thinking is a powerful tool that can help you manage stress, overcome challenges, and make better choices. Students always could use more positive thinking in their lives. By beginning to think more positively, they can learn to believe in themselves and work towards their individual potentials. The students should not be handicapped by financial constraints of their families. If they have it in them, we are there to guide them. Our mission is to help more and more students from economically poor sections. We have also developed a portal to benefit maximum students in rural areas.”

Motivating CSC VLEs, he said, “Start the business with whatever amount of money you have and try to avoid taking help from people. Even I have never taken any monetary help from anybody I was getting offers from not just the government but big business tycoons. While I am grateful to all those who approached me with help I am happy the way I am – pursuing my love for mathematics.”


  CSC’s Artificial Intelligence course equipping youth with emerging technology

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is silently but rapidly changing every aspect of our life. From digital and online personal assistants like Siri and Alexa reading daily news or fixing our schedules, to Tesla’s self driven intelligent cars or using chatbots in medical and marketing fields, AI is taking over our daily world.

In order to equip the youth with the basic knowledge of AI and its various uses, the CSC Academy under CSC SPV, a Special Purpose Vehicle under the Ministry of Electronics & IT, has recently launched a one-month introductory course on Artificial Intelligence. The first batch of the course began on April 6, 2020.

The course ‘Making Sense of Artificial Intelligence’ is conducted over WhatsApp by eminent educationist and former Pro Vice-Chancellor of IGNOU, Prof. M.M. Pant. It is spread over four weeks, with five sessions a week. The modules covered in four weeks include The Landscape of Artificial Intelligence, Applications of AI, Autonomous Transportation, and AI & Social Concerns.

According to Prof. Pant, “The purpose of the course is to demystify AI and Machine Learning and survey the range of its applications from business, finance, education, health and agriculture. In the last week module, the course touches upon AI for social good, avoidance of bias, and gives guidance on some projects that the learners can do.” 

According to CEO, CSC SPV, Dr. Dinesh Tyagi, “CSC has been continuously endeavoring to provide new and emerging digital learning to youth in rural India. This course was created based on the need for familiarizing primarily youth to explore AI and hopefully use in their professional and personal endeavors. The overwhelming response, with 255 registrations in the first batch itself shows the interest people have for learning about AI. The applicants included students from class 6 onwards to PHD students, and the Village Level Entrepreneurs of the Common Services Centers scheme.”

As to the reasons for choosing WhatsApp as the platform of dissemination, Prof. Pant says, “WhatsApp is a very simple, popular and powerful tool of communication. No further training is needed to start using it. It is also convenient to implement bi-linguism in the course delivery. The text and PowerPoint slides are in English but the audio commentary on each of them is first in English and then in Hindi, which has been appreciated by the learners.”

Talking about his experience under the course, Common Services Centers’ Village Level Entrepreneur (VLE) Shamsher Ali from Maharajganj district, Uttar Pradesh said, “I took the course as I wanted to gain some basic knowledge about the subject of Artificial Intelligence. Education has been a key area of focus at my CSC and I want to teach this further to school and college students in my area as an emerging subject. Students in rural areas do not have access or the means to know about the emerging and disruptive technologies. The course through CSC, which is competitively priced, will help these students widen their horizon.”

VLE Vikram Patel from Pavai tehsil, Panna district, Madhya Pradesh says, “I joined this course to learn something new and happening. I wanted to learn the basics so that I can further teach the children in my area. AI is considered the future of technology and digitization and can be used to enable a transformation in rural areas, be in delivery of healthcare, education or improving agriculture.”

The most recent use of AI technology has been by China to flatten its Coronavirus infections. During the outbreak of pandemic in January 2020, China used drones to patrol streets, check for people with fever and warn people to maintain social distancing or wear masks. It also employed robots in hospitals to help the medical staff deliver medicines and supplies to patients, thus limiting exposure of health-care workers.


  All INS-certified VLEs can now sell Motor Third Party Insurance products through CSC

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