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 Celebrate CSC Tripura Day on 10th June

Let’s reach all the VLEs of Tripura and make them active on social media by creating their account on Twitter and Facebook. VLEs should write a post along with hashtag #CSCTripuraDay


 CSCs are transforming agriculture in Maharashtra

Small-scale farming forms the back-bone of agricultural production in rural India. The future of sustainable agriculture growth and food security in India depends on the performance of small and marginal farmers. To bridge the information gap between the farmers and to build productive and competitive market, different ICT interventions through CSCs support rural and under-developed markets to become efficient and productive.

Mr. Chintaman Mahajan (45), from Parsoda village, in Ralegaon block, Dist Yavatmal, Maharashtra, studied up to the 5th standard. He has a family that includes two sons and three daughters. He owns 2 acres of land, and he also owns two oxen and two goats. He grows cotton, soyabean and leafy vegetables in the Kharif season. He was facing loss in agriculture since last two years. But, after Agriculture Tele-consultation through VLE Nitesh Vasant Thakare’s CSC, he adopted soil testing, technology integration and integrated farming system in a contemporary situation, where loss in one crop can be substituted with the other enterprise. To avoid losses due to middlemen, he took help of CSC Grameen eStore to sell vegetables and chilli when the market price falls due to a glut. He says that CSC gives him self-confidence and a considerable income to run his family and maintain a comfortable living standard.

CSC SPV is providing eDelivery of Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) Services through its rural access points. Now, KVKs are providing following services through CSCs:

Capacity development of farmers on modern agriculture technologies Providing farm advisories by using ICT on varied subjects of farmers interest Produce quality technology products like-seed, planting material, bio agents, livestock which is made available to the farmers at the nominal cost.

VLE Nitesh says, “eDelivery of farming needs is making agriculture more productive, more consistent and to use time and resources more efficiently. This brings critical advantages for farmers and wider social benefits around the country.” He adds, “ICTs and apps aimed at empowerment, enablement, and market expansion, are becoming ubiquitous. Grameen eStore exemplifies an efficient supply chain system, empowering farmers with timely and relevant information to enable better returns for their produce.”

In Maharashtra, 25 CSCs are helping small scale farmers through KVK consultation.


  DigiPay service in Kulgam, Jammu & Kashmir

VLE Muzafar Ahmad Khar helping citizens of Kulgam District, Jammu & Kashmir to get cash payments of Pension, MGNREGA, and other services through DigiPay.


  VLE Ajay Mahto guides marginal farmers in Ramgarh, Jharkhand

VLE Ajay Kumar Mahto runs his CSC at Gola panchayat, Ramgarh in Jharkhand. Farmers are getting information from the experts of Krishi Vigyan Kendra through his CSC. Farmers like Teklal Mahato, Devendra Dangi, and Panchanan Mahato are now able to go to their nearest CSC center and get detailed information about the farming. They are using right amount of pesticide and seed fertilizer, including soil testing and maintenance. It has increased their production and moving towards self-sufficiency. At present, in Jharkhand 18 CSCs are helping farmers through KVK consultation.

VLE Ajay Mahto said, “With the help of Digital technology, CSCs are guiding small scale farmers on crop and input selection and providing disease- and pest-related assistance, and real-time data on domestic markets.”

Digital Innovation through CSC is playing a key role in the empowerment of farmers. CSC Grameen eStore app connects the farmers and the consumers without all the middlemen via mobile device. This encourages the farmers to produce more and quality produce as they have an increase in their incomes also these products are now available at more affordable prices for the consumer. India will always have a large number of small farmers, but small farmers are bringing about a big change through CSCs. They have become profitable, productive, and progressive.


  CSC Corona warriors help citizens through DigiPay

Ram Aasre is a resident of Lalitpur district, was seriously injured in an accident in which he was sent to Jhansi hospital for treatment. His family was facing financial issues. VLE Saurabh came to know and he reached the hospital to withdraw money through DigiPay.

VLE Tarjan Baghel helped 75 years old Rama Yadav by providing his pension through DigiPay in village Bemcha.

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