Weekly Newsletter of CSC e-Governance Services India Limited, June 19, 2020  |   CSC network is one of the largest Government approved online service delivery channels in the world
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 Over 2,600 farmers have registered for agri-advisory services through CSCs

Over 2,600 farmers from across the country have registered for it and 2000 of them have so far taken the advisory on various issues relating to crops and farm practices, said Dr. Dinesh Tyagi, CEO, CSC SPV.


 CEO-CSC SPV addressed ET –National Governance Summit

Dr. Dinesh K Tygai, CEO-CSC SPV addressed ET –National Governance Summit. Dr Tyagi spoke in the session-Effective Public Service Delivery at the time of Pandemic. During the program, Dr. Tygai said-

CSCs are part of Digital India Initiative. Presently, there are 3.85 lakh CSCs. It is managed by local person who have basic computing infrastructure. The CSCs are delivering Banking, DigiPay, PMUY connections.

During the Covid, the Financial Service delivery has been strengthened. During the pandemic, CSCs have become an instrument of change, especially for empowering rural citizens through the use of digital technologies. As the BCs of Banking, VLEs have worked a lot in the Financial Inclusion.

Initially, there were 18,000 CSCs working as BCs following Covid norms. More than 20,000 Jan Dhan Account holders received the relief amount under PMGKY through CSCs. All CSCs are allowed DigiPay-AEPS based system. VLEs are providing 3 months free LPG connections under PMUGY during corona pandemic.

CSCs are helping villagers a lot in depositing insurance premiums. Apart from Banking, Insurance, CSCs is helping in pension schemes. Farmers can get fertilizer, and other inputs for their cultivation through CSCs. A large number of construction workers are being benefitted through CSCs.

CSCs have a tele-medicine platform. Citizens can visit CSCs to consult the doctor. During the Covid times, demand for CSC tele-consultation increased from 6,000 to 60,000.

With the support of present Government, CSCs are now influencing almost all walks of rural life and promoting a digitally inclusive society. The CSC entrepreneur is now well recognized, respected and trusted by the community he/she serves. From digital and financial literacy to promoting telemedicine and delivery of various Government and non-Government services, CSCs cater to the requirement of all segments of the society.


 CEO-CSC SPV addressed FCC Webinar on Atma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan

Dr. Dinesh Tyagi, CEO-CSC SPV addressed FCC Webinar on Atma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan. He said, Our VLEs from various parts of the country are doing wonders and done great work during covid. We have created ICT enabled rural enterprises in the country. The youngsters in rural India have a great potential. We are working on all the services for rural people towards building empowered and digitally inclusive society.”

He added, “In covid, we have done 60,000, Tele-consulations in a month. CSC has been undertaking telemedicine in a manner that helps the citizens, especially those living in rural areas. In rural areas, healthcare in an effective manner has been a challenge largely due to non-availability of doctors and infrastructure. Compared to other developed countries, the number of doctors and para-medical staff per person in India has been very poor. With the advent of connectivity and low bandwidth video application, telemedicine through an assisted format CSCs are providing healthcare solutions.”

“Our VLEs are working as DBT: Digital Doctor, Digital Banker and Digital Teacher CSC eGrameen stores are being operated by one lakh VLEs. We procure the material locally and supply it to local community. Kisan eMart, a farmer can directly sell to consumers. Farmers are being empowered through various initiatives of CSC. With the help of technology, we are building Atamnirbhar Bharat. It talks about empowerment of communities through CSCs.”

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