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  Promoting entrepreneurship through CSC for sustainable development in Kakching, Manipur

Far-off parts of the country often find it difficult to claim their spot in the village level entrepreneurship ecosystem. But with the help of CSC, an emerging ecosystem comes from the land of magical beauty – Manipur. The entrepreneurship environment has been growing in remote Kakching area, and creating a space for young entrepreneurs to ideate and innovate.

28 years Science graduate Moirangthem Boyboysana Singh runs his CSC at outskirts of Kakching district of Manipur. His success story displays the ability to breed a culture of good business. Imbued with a passion for social services, he started out by doing extensive market research.

More than the monetary success, Moirangthem Boyboysana says, it was a turning point for his self-confidence, “When I began to realize I have a skill that is unique.” In 2016, he decided to start his CSC business properly and set up operations. The VLE is delivering services on DigiPay, Kiosk Banking, PAN Card, Aadhar printing, CSC Education, Passport, Jeevan Praman, etc.

His CSC is now running successfully. It has been a challenging journey, and he remarks that he is still learning right and wrong. VLE says, “I am blessed that I was able to create a business based on my hobbies and needs of my society. I would advise all would-be village level entrepreneurs to participate in CSC training programs in order to hone their skills and realize their dreams.”

The PMGDISHA program running through CSC has given citizens in Kakching area, opportunity to connect and stay connected with people, explore professional skilling and grooming, share information and participate in the global race for development. There are successful women running cosmetic product businesses through social media from their homes, women self-help groups selling local village produce on E-Commerce platforms and homemakers showcasing their food delicacies on YouTube. Women have launched start-ups online and are pioneering some very successful ones having worked on technology, offering solutions to modern day problems of the people.

The VLE runs the CSP of SBI in Kakching. The total amount of transaction during April-May 2020 is Rs 75,00,000/- during lockdown. He feels happy to provide the banking service as a VLE.

Even within the region, the inequalities in the availability of banking services are found to be very wide and glaring. VLE says, “Financial literacy and lack of basic education prevent people to have access from financial services. My CSC is creating financial literacy among villagers to communicate the necessity for banking habits and what savings can do to enrich their living standards.”

Under Financial Inclusion, the VLE is providing banking services at doorsteps to the vast sections of underprivileged and low income groups. The regional economy of the Kakching area in Manipur is largely dependent on agriculture, and most other economic activity is small scale and heavily dependent on traditional skills of weaving and handicraft. Inadequate infrastructure is another major challenge that isolates the region from the rest of the country. This has led to the development of a diversely-organized informal financial market in the region, which reflects the creativity of local communities to meet their specific needs.

The VLE Moirangthem Boyboysana has developed low-cost banking models through CSC, by leveraging technology and forging local partnerships. He is helping landless labourers, marginal farmers, unorganized sector work-force, and marginalized communities. As people in Kakching area are investing and saving more and more are being removed vicious circle of poverty and unemployment. Financial Inclusion through CSC also acts as a source of empowerment, better control of finance and allows people to participate more effectively in the economic and social process thereby increase per capita income.

When asked what the special strengths of entrepreneurs in remote region of Manipur are, VLE said: “Personally for me, I have the focus, passion, integrity and perseverance to succeed at all costs. The challenges, however, are numerous for an entrepreneur to overcome and succeed in this environment. But, CSC SPV trains us on capacity building and focus on services. Particularly VLEs in Manipur, focus on exposure to broaden and expand on our ideas and creativity.”

The challenges of development in North Eastern states have prompted the call for new priorities and policies that will promote sustained and inclusive economic growth to create more and better quality livelihood for all. The emergence of entrepreneurship through CSC in Kakching, Manipur has brought economic development in a significant way. Village level entrepreneurship has become a decisive aspect of change in the region, empowering individuals to seek new opportunities.


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