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हिन्दी में पढ़ने के लिए इधर क्लिक करें!!

  Woman VLE helping poor in Chhipali village, Chhattisgarh

Woman VLE Durgesh Nandini runs her CSC in Chhipali village, located in Nagri Tehsil of Dhamtari district in Chhattisgarh. She has employed 70 women directly and 130 women indirectly; most of them are from tribal communities.

“Earlier I was not able to contribute even Rs. 1,000 to run my house. Today, I contribute Rs. 35,000,” beams woman VLE Durgesh Nandini, Chhattisgarh. She recalls the harsh financial conditions she and her family faced before they started CSC in year 2016.

This unexpected event motivated her to start Stree Swabhiman unit in her village.

After the launch of CSC Grameen eStore, VLE is selling produce worth Rs 25,000 per day. Last week, she completed the order of one lakh sanitary pads produced at her Stree Swabhiman Unit. She received this order at eStore app from customer Bhola Ram Sahu based in Rajnandgaon district.

With the help of CSC Grameen eStore app, VLE also connects the women making Gobar Ganesh (clay sculptures) and organic products of cow dung with the consumers without all the middlemen via mobile device. There is huge demand of such clay sculptures in Chhattisgarh.

Made from natural raw materials and painted with natural dyes, her team makes sure to keep their products environment-friendly while keeping their tradition alive.

CSC Grameen eStore helped VLE Durgesh with a business plan, which helped her grow her business in the local market while expanding to neighbouring states.

“There are huge demands in these markets and I would like to channelise my energy and money in growing the business in India,” Durgesh says.

49 years old tribal woman Maheshwari Devi, beneficiary of Durgesh CSC, had taken up making eco-friendly Gobar Ganesh (clay sculptures) last year on a small scale. But now, she is a busy person with several orders coming her way from various parts of the district because of CSC eGrameen Store. Today, Maheshwari earns close to Rs 10,000 a month due to Durgesh CSC.

More than 200 tribal women are associated with Durgesh Nandini CSC and selling hand made products, candles, Agarbattis, vegetable oil.

This encourages these tribal women to produce more and quality produce as they have an increase in their incomes also these products are now available at more affordable prices for the consumer. VLE using ICT platform, is enabling her community to access information in local Chhattisgarhi language regarding purchasing the produce.

Apart from these services, woman VLE Durgesh Nandini is providing services in PMGDISHA and DigiPay. She has trained around 7000 villagers through Digital Literacy most of them are from ST communities.

The connection between women’s economic participation and prosperity is undeniable. Stories of women VLEs like Durhesh exemplify how Indian women have leveraged the strength of their community institutions to reverse their dire situations and secure a better future for themselves and their families. With initiatives such as these in the offing, the growth of transformative women-led enterprises through CSCs in rural India has begun.


  Success story of Divyang VLE from Kanke Road, Ranchi

Divyang VLE Kinjelk Mishra has become an inspiration for all those people who give excuses to achieve success owing to their disability. He did not let his disability become obstacle in the way of ambitions and decided to start CSC in Ranchi.

Divyang VLE Kinjelk Mishra is delivering all services of CSC at his centre. Some important services are: PMGDISHA, PMJAY, PMSYM, PMFBY, DigiPay, Banking, Passport, PAN Card, FSSAI. By successfully managing and running the CSC, it helped him in getting respect from the people. His CSC transformed lives of the residents of locality and the neighbouring ones by ensuring availability of services within their close reach. VLE says: “CSC makes me feel satisfied as I get to serve the people and now can live my life as I want to. CSC made it possible for me. I am thankful to CSC team and feel privileged to be a part of this venture.”

The VLE has employed woman from marginalized community at his centre who also helps him to deliver the digital services along with him. Kinjelk is earning a handsome amount of money and is supporting his family in a very respectful manner.

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