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  Woman VLE Asoo Rajawat: The sweet taste of success in remote Sirsadogarhi village, Uttar Pradesh

Women hold up half the sky and, to help them realize their full economic potential, CSC provides with knowledge, skills and technologies so they can engage in productive activities to achieve inclusive and sustainable development. CSC Women VLEs are increasingly contributing to the economic empowerment of their village panchayats, while continuing to provide for their families.

Expanding the economic opportunities available for women is vital for poverty eradication and requires a strong emphasis on gender-sensitive employment creation and technology and skills for entrepreneurship.

Woman VLE Asoo Rajawat runs one of the best-known CSC in Sirsadogarhi village, Madhogarh Block in Jalaun District of Uttar Pradesh. It is located 16 km towards west from District head quarter Orai and 217 km from Lucknow.

Asoo’s inspiring story of business construction began when she was unemployed after completion of her studies apart just when she was also in the midst of a personal life crisis.

She says, “I was looking for job after completing diploma course in 2013 and could not get selected even after applying many government job forms. I also applied for a job in police but during the recruitment process my health was not good. Being unemployed, I started living in great depression.” “My father told me about CSC, after that I registered as CSC VLE in year 2013 and started working on Aadhaar enrollment. I made around 3 lakh Aadhaar cards for citizens at their doorsteps in the Jalaun district.”

Today, Asoo is an award-winning business woman, and one of the top transacting VLEs in Uttar Pradesh. With her father’s confidence in her abilities as the main inspiration, Asoo has, against all odds, thrived in this male-dominated society and is now hailed as a role model for budding female entrepreneurs across the state.

Today, a confident Asoo has expanded her CSC business across 6 panchayats in Jalaun. She employs 5 staff. “Personally I believe perseverance, even in times of trouble, is what has kept me going. It is so easy to give up when problems arrive as I found out during my struggle. Things are doubly difficult for women entrepreneurs who have very little funding support in the form of grants and low interest loans particularly for start- ups. As a woman in business, there is a challenge of not being taken seriously, of staff not respecting women at the helm and not wanting to take orders. I have found out that one has to be assertive and strong especially in decision-making.”

She has managed to be creative in her niche market which has sustained her business thus far. She has gained great respect from her community on how she is managing to sustain her business and she is currently providing mentoring for other women in Sirsadogarhi village, Madhogarh with business aspirations.

Asoo says, “I come from a family where we were not entrepreneurial but we were very independent. From childhood I was taught to find ways to solve challenges and this stood me in good stead when I faced the issue of starting CSC.”

The VLE is delivering services on PMGDISHA, PAN card, Voter card, Insurance, PMSYM, electricity bill collection. The VLE has enrolled 40,000 Ayushman Bharat cards in Jalaun. People admit that due to the CSC in the village, they save time and money. They earlier had to visit the Tehsil office multiple times.

For most of women entrepreneurs working for the underserved section of the society have been an ongoing task, however, during the COVID outbreak, with the last mile of the society crumbling under financial duress, social entrepreneurship through CSC Sirsadogarhi has become more important than ever.

During lockdown, VLE Asoo helped the poor through DigiPay and Banking services. The VLE helped improve the outreach of formal financial services to economically disadvantaged sections of the Madhogarh Block- geographically remote region in Uttar Pradesh, where no Banking facilities are available. VLE Asoo disbursed payment of about Rs. 5 lakh through DigiPay. She helped 120 families by distributing free ration and masks to needy people. She is making self-made face masks for protection against novel coronavirus and is distributing them free of cost in the rural areas of Madhogarh. The VLE is running several campaigns to support the vulnerable sections of the society and also offers food to the families in different parts of the district Jalaun.

A large chunk of households in Madhogarh block have had access to fresh fruits and vegetables at affordable prices—at rates much lower than what the local vegetable and fruits market or the handcart vendor would charge. This was made possible by CSC eGrameen Store of woman VLE Asoo using the concept of buying on its head. Instead of the farmer coming all the way to markets where the middleman would fleece them, the VLE went to their doorstep. As a result, customers could get the fresh products daily, making the farm-to-fork concept a reality long before retail chains began doing so in the metros.

Asoo says, “I have been doing this business for more than seven years now and despite the challenges and obstacles, I have not given up hope to succeed. Key to my development were my lessons in business management and access to CSC network that helped me to stabilize my quality.”

She advises her fellow entrepreneurs to ensure quality standards in their services, deliver it in a timely manner and meet the required standards.

Asoo says, “You have to explore ways of reinventing your business. In this business, nothing smells sweeter than success!”


  Success story of VLE: Prashanta Dandasena from Nuapada, Odisha

VLE Prashant runs his CSC at Nuapada, Odisha and has been services like banking, PAN card, insurance, mobile recharge etc. He says that his constant focus is on how he could work towards providing better access to avail services in and around his village without having to travel distances to the town for the same.

He comes from a region where the rainfall is scarce and that has become a pull factor for the poor farmers to enroll themselves with FASAL BIMA. Before 2-3 years ago farmers in his locality would often have to visit the Agriculture Office of FASAL BIMA but now he is able to do the same in his CSC center which has garnered him a lot of praises from the farmers and their family and at the same time they are able to take advantage of the benefit in their village.

Last season, he was able to successfully register around 688 farmers in his center and he takes pride as being a CSC VLE and how it has changed his life over the years.

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