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 Facebook live session on CIBIL Score Report through CSC

Dear VLEs,
Join us for a Facebook live session with Ms. Sujata Ahlawat, Vice President & Head, Direct to Customer Business, CIBIL on enabling CIBIL Score Report through CSC on 25th July, 2020 at 12:00 PM.


  Hon’ Prime Minister laid the foundation stone for Manipur Water Supply Project

Hon’ Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone for Manipur Water Supply Project. VLEs of Manipur broadcasted this event through CSC centers and created public awareness.

“This project will give clean drinking water to Greater Imphal and 1,700 villages in Manipur. It will provide a lifeline to these people," he said.

"The 'jal dhara' from this project will become 'jeevan dhara' for 25 cities and towns including Greater Imphal and 1700 villages. The big thing is that this project is designed keeping in mind the needs of not only today but for the next 20-22 years. With this project, millions of people will not only have access to clean drinking water, but thousands of people will also get employment."


  VLEs can register Street Vendors under PM SVANidhi Scheme

VLEs can register Street Vendors under PM SVANidhi Scheme. The scheme is a Central Sector Scheme i.e. fully funded by Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs with the objectives: (i) To facilitate working capital loan up to Rs. 10,000; (ii) To incentivize regular repayment; and (iii) To reward digital transactions.

The scheme will help formalize the street vendors with above objectives and will open up new opportunities to this sector to move up the economic ladder. CSCs will help vendors’ enrollment in the scheme.

Street vendors represent a very important constituent of the urban informal economy and play a significant role in ensuring availability of the goods and services at affordable rates at the door-step of the city dwellers. They are known as vendors, hawkers, thelewala, rehriwala etc. in different areas/ contexts. The COVID-19 pandemic and consequent lockdowns have adversely impacted the livelihoods of street vendors. They usually work with a small capital base and might have consumed the same during the lockdown. Therefore, there is an urgent need to provide credit for working capital to street vendors to resume their business.

The scheme was launched last week.

While inaugurating the program, Shri Sanjay Kumar, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs said, “Mostly these vendors get loans from informal sector. Under this program, urban street vendors will be eligible to avail a Working Capital loan of up to Rs.10,000 with tenure of 1 year and repaid in monthly installments. For this loan, no collateral will be taken by the lending institutions. All vendors need to do digital transactions. He will get cash back offer. SIDBI is our implementing agency in this scheme. Till date, we have received 2 lakh applications and approved loan of 50,000 vendors.”

He added, “We have also launched the mobile application of PM Street Vendor’s AtmaNirbhar Nidhi (PM SVANidhi) Scheme. This App aims to provide user friendly digital interface for Lending Institutions (LIs) and their field functionaries for sourcing and processing loan applications of street vendors under the Scheme. Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs has launched the web portal. This App has all the features similar to the web portal of PM SVANidhi added with the feature of easy portability.” “The eligible vendors will be identified as per following criteria: (i) Street vendors in possession of Certificate of Vending / Identity Card issued by Urban Local Bodies (ULBs); (ii) The vendors, who have been identified in the survey but have not been issued Certificate of Vending / Identity Card; Provisional Certificate of Vending would be generated for such vendors through an IT based Platform. ULBs are encouraged to issue such vendors the permanent Certificate of Vending and Identification Card immediately and positively within a period of one month. (iii) Street Vendors, left out of the ULB led identification survey or who have started vending after completion of the survey and have been issued Letter of Recommendation (LoR) to that effect by the ULB / Town Vending Committee (TVC); and (iv) The vendors of surrounding development/ peri-urban / rural areas vending in the geographical limits of the ULBs and have been issued Letter of Recommendation (LoR) to that effect by the ULB / TVC.”

Dr. Dinesh Tyagi, CEO, CSC SPV said, “This is very unique initiative. We are working on all the services for rural people towards building empowered and digitally inclusive society. They are doing remarkable job. CSCs are mobilizing stakeholders in various government schemes. PM SVANidhi program is very unique for urban CSCs. CSCs can do wonderful job in taking care of vendor community under this scheme. We will also help banks to provide loans to these small vendors. Digital Financial Transaction is also our objective. Enabling the vendor for applying loan and Digital transaction will be done by CSCs.” Dr. Tyagi added, “This is also huge business opportunity apart from social cause. This scheme will also increase footfalls at CSCs.”


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