Weekly Newsletter of CSC e-Governance Services India Limited, July 17, 2020  |   CSC network is one of the largest Government approved online service delivery channels in the world
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 CSC to employ 20 lakh digital cadets in 4 lakh CSCs across the country

CSC SPV launched Digital Cadet platform on the occasion of 11th CSC Diwas.

While inaugurating the program, Dr. Dinesh Kumar Tyagi, CEO-CSC SPV mentioned that more than 4 lakh CSCs have played significant role in Digital India initiatives of the Government. He said that Village Level Entrepreneurs have revolutionized service delivery in India by empowering women, marginalized communities and rural citizens and providing opportunities for access of various government and other services to them. Now, with the launch of Digital Cadet Platform, VLEs are taking forward the agenda of the government in serving the underserved community, the old , the infirm, handicapped and others unable to visit a Governmnet office /bank/ other institution , especially those living in the Rural India.

Dr. Dinesh Tyagi, added, “Government of India has recently launched guidelines for Telemedicine. In the current scenario, Telemedicine assumes special significance. Digital Cadets will also help in healthcare delivery at home to patients and sick people.”

Every CSC will employ five digital cadets who will provide door step access to various services to citizens, work as delivery agents for Grameen eStores and kisan eMart and help CSCs conduct various surveys for the government and other agencies. These Digital cadets will also do door to door advocacy for Governmnet schemes and programs beside other B2C services which CSC deliver. They will help citizen avail the various benefits announced by Government during the Covid 19. They will support every citizen including MSME access to Government own or sponsored schemes. Help build the Credit profile of the community so as to help them access credit from the formal banking channel. The digital cadets will be trained in requisite skills for providing services to citizen especially those from weaker sections of the society. Digital Cadets will help in enabling CSC to achieve the Government vision of a digitally inclusive and empowered society. Digital Cadet Abhiyan will help in employment opportunity for two million people especially those from Rural India. These Digital cadets will support other national and international organisation who desire to access Indian Rural markets for various products and services. They will also champion the cause of handicraft, SHG, farmers and support them to sell their produce to national and international markets. The dream of Gram Swaraj and Atma Nirbhar Bharat will be supported by this army of digital cadets using the technology tools.

Each CSC VLEs can now add Digital Cadets by filling up a Registration form available on Digital Seva Portal.

CEO CSC SPV also launched the mobile app of Digital Seva Portal so that delivery of services can be done at Home of the Citizen. Now CSC VLEs can provide services through the app. This will also address issues of connectivity in some of the remote, hilly and tribal areas.

CSC officials from state and central team were also present during the online inauguration of the service.


 Webinar on 11th CSC Diwas

On the occasion of 11th CSC Diwas, a webinar was organized. During the program, Dr. Dinesh Kumar, Tyagi, CEO-CSC SPV congratulated CSC family on this occasion. He said, “Our foundation is education. We provide opportunity for education for everybody. The objective is empowerment of marginalized communities and women.”

“Hon’ Minister Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad is our motivation. He made this program a Digital Movement. Today is a special day. Today, we have started Digital Sewa mobile app. In remote and hilly areas, web based applications face some problems due to connectivity issues. Due to mobile, these challenges will be minimised. Another objective of this initiative is to make CSCs’ doorstep delivery easy, more accessible and more efficient.”

He added, “With the help of Digital Cadets, we will form an army of 20 lakh Digital Cadets in the country. The cadets will go doorsteps for the delivery of services and will provide the advocacy of government program. Still there are 50 cr citizens who haven’t Ayushman Bharat card. Large no of farmers still don’t have Kisan Credit Cards. These cadets will fill this gap. Now, with the launch of Digital Cadet Platform, VLEs will take forward the agenda of the government in serving the underserved community especially those living in the Rural India.”

“Our VLEs have done household survey of 21 crore people. Now, we have experience in that survey. Digital Cadets can do all these activities. Digital Cadets will also check CIBIL score of citizens and help them to credit facilities. The large focus is to make CSCs universal.”

Abhishek Ranjan, CTO-CSC SPV said, “VLEs are doing a lot of services. Digital Cadets will act as supportive staff. They will help VLEs in better outreach. VLEs will add minimum 5 members as Digital Cadet. We can also resister them that will add value in our future program also. They have to provide us Aadhaar, mobile, email ids. Their Aadhaar based authentication will be done. It will also help us to find genuineness of VLEs and their team.”

Rishikesh Patankar, COO-CSC SPV said, “India is moving towards Digital Economy. We have great Digital Landscape. In such Digital scenario, VLEs’ online presence assumes critical significance. In PMGDIHSA, we have registered 3.5 cr villagers. The CSC is delivering the basic requirements of people.”


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