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हिन्दी में पढ़ने के लिए इधर क्लिक करें!!

  Jeevan Praman by VLE helps bedridden woman receive her oldage pension

Mrs. Ganga Devi, a resident of Jankipuram in Lucknow district, is 78 years old. She was unable to receive her family pension in absence of Jeevan Pramaan. Since the lady is bedridden and was unable to purchase her grocery for day to day expenses, things became critical for her. VLE Avinash Rai reached her residence and made life certificate. Now, Ganga Devi gets her pension regularly.


  VLE helps 62 year old visually impaired woman to get her pension

62-year-old woman Mrs. Dukka Narsayamma, a residence of Bhemunipatnam , Vishakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh, was trying to open bank account to get her old age pension since last one year due to her being visually impaired. When CSC Bank Mitra Satyanand came to know about this, he went to her residence and took her to CSC centre on vehicle. Now she is getting her pension without any hurdle.

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