Weekly Newsletter of CSC e-Governance Services India Limited, December 11, 2020  |   CSC network is one of the largest Government approved online service delivery channels in the world
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  Launch of 'SME Package Insurance Policy for Shopkeepers'

CSC SPV has launched 'SME Package Insurance Policy for Shopkeepers'. This insurance policy shields a small/ medium-sized shopkeeper from any perils that he may face. It protects the property and the business interests of the shop owner. It also offers coverage of a standard fire & special perils policy that includes any loss to the building from earthquake risk.

Shopkeepers can visit nearest CSCs for this Insurance Policy.


  Formation process of “Farmer Producer Organisation” (FPO ) by CSC – VLE

Today, CSC SPV conducted a webinar on the formation process of “Farmer Producer Organisation” (FPO ) by CSC – VLE. An FPO, formed by a group of farm producers, is a registered body with producers as shareholders. FPO formed by CSC VLE will deal with business activities related to the farm produce and will work for the benefit of the member producers.

While addressing VLEs, Shri Srihari Kotel, MD- eFresh Agribusiness Solutions said, "Ministry of Agriculture has released guidelines for setting up FPOs. To avail benefits, 50 percent of the farmers in each FPO should comprise small and marginal farmers. Minimum number of farmers is 300. FPO is the best model for the success of farmers in rural areas. They have great advantages in terms of market linkages and finance."

During the program, Dr. Dinesh Tyagi, MD-CSC SPV said, “Already, CSC is working on various schemes related to farmers' empowerment like-Kisan emart, Grameen eStore, PMKMY, crop loans etc. With this initiative, CSC VLEs will be able to empower farming communities in their panchayats. In an FPO, business competence will develop when VLEs have corporate skills and leadership.”

He added, "The FPO model will check the exploitation of farmers. Most of our VLEs are small farmers. The FPO will give them a strong platform for growth. The VLEs should have the ability to mobilise farmers for this scheme. Our VLEs are change agents. With this initiative, the nation will change."



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