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हिन्दी में पढ़ने के लिए इधर क्लिक करें!!

 CSCs redefining healthcare through Ayushman Bharat

VLE Mr. Kaushik Patel visited beneficiary at Kheda (Gujarat) in his farm for verification and registration who is not able to come due to his lungs problem. Till date VLE has verified 620 beneficiaries under PM-JAY.


 VLE Mahamad Javed Chauhan visited beneficiary at his residence for verification and registration

VLE Mahamad Javed Chauhan visited beneficiary at his residence for verification and registration who is Divyang and suffering from Intellectual disability. The VLE also did verification and registration of a beneficiary by visiting hospital who is hospitalized. Till date the VLE has verified 496 beneficiaries in PM-JAY.


 VLE registers 90 years old beneficiary under Ayushman Bharat in Kutch

VLE Mr.Velji Dhoriya did verification and registration of 90 years old beneficiary Mrs.Lilbai Samji Nagda and her daughter Kashturben Samji Nagda age of 61 Years. He also told them about the benefits of the PM-JAY. Till date he has verified 200 beneficiaries in PM-JAY.


  Mandatory printing of Ayushman Bharat Golden Cards

Dear VLE
It is mandatory for CSCs to print all the approved Ayushman Bharat Card and handover to beneficiaries. This is to inform you that CSC SPV will deduct the 50% payment from CSC wallet of CSC VLEs who have not printed the Ayushman Bharat Golden cards.
Other guidelines for VLEs for Ayushman Bharat Service;

  • VLE should not charge any fee before printing of Golden Cards.
  • VLE should not charge fee more than prescribed i.e Rs 30 per card.
  • VLE should do the proper scanning and uploading of documents required for beneficiary validation. Only good quality and legible documents to be uploaded and any illegible document will be rejected.
  • VLE should ensure the entry of proper details of beneficiaries.

In-case of high rejections of beneficiaries' card, necessary action will be taken against the VLE.
In-case of any defaults by VLEs on above instructions or VLE involved in any type of fraud activities, FIR will be lodged against him/her along with permanently block of CSC Id.

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