Weekly Newsletter of CSC e-Governance Services India Limited, February 5, 2019  |   CSC network is one of the largest Government approved online service delivery channels in the world

 Attention VLEs! Minimum DigiPay Balance reduced to Rs. 100/


 Cash Back on DigiPay Registration


 It’s Mandatory for all VLEs to register on DigiPay


 Good News! Minimum ORDER Quantity is now 50 for LED BULB under UJALA Scheme

Dear VLEs,
This is to inform you that now you can place order for minimum quantity of 50 LED Bulbs (orders to be placed in the multiple of 50) under UJALA Scheme.

For operations kindly refer enclosed process manual.

 Major Roles to be played by all VLEs under this Service:
1.   Procurement of UJALA products through Digital Seva Portal.
2.   Sale of UJALA products as per the listed MRP.
3.   Mandatory entry of the product on the portal at time of issuance to each customer. This data will be required to process VLE payment.
4.   VLEs who have received stock have to punch on Digital Seva Portal.
 UJALA Products financials

S. No



VLE Commission (Exclusive GST)


Net VLE Commission


LED Bulb






Ceiling Fan






1.   Currently only LED bulbs and Ceiling FAN are available through Digital Seva Portal. At present Tube light is out of stock and selling will start very soon.
2.   Minimum order quantity is 50 for LED Bulbs. The orders will be placed in the multiples of 50.
3.   VLE needs to collect his/her order from the nearest EESL Centre. VLE will receive a call from EESL staff, who will confirm the pickup centre address.
4.   Under UJALA scheme - Energy Efficiency Services Limited offers LED bulbs (with 3 years warranty), FAN (with 2.5 years technical warranty) to eligible grid connected domestic consumers.

Please go through the process manual attached here for more information.


For any other information or clarification please contact your respective CSC SPV state Team.



Dear VLE, 
Many of you are still not punching the sold/issued Bulb/Fan/Tubelight data on the portal. It has been continuously reminded to you that you need to enter the data of each customer on the portal to whom you are selling the UJALA product but most of you have not taken it seriously. From now onwards we will stop the UJALA payment of those VLEs who are not punching the sold data on the portal. Please start punching the data of your bulbs to avoid hold of payment. 
Please find below the instructions you need to follow strictly:

  1. Mandatory entry of the product issuance to each consumer on the portal. This data will be required to process VLE payment as the number of order placed and the number of issuance to the consumer will be tallied for.
  2. Consumer name, mobile number and identity card no. MUST be provided on the online portal, so that it can be cross verified by Regional EESL Team.
  3. All CSC VLEs are strictly instructed to ensure that Distribution of Energy Efficient Appliance (LED Bulbs, FAN, Tubes) under UJALA PROGRAM must be distributed on Authorized Prices Only i.e LED Bulbs - Rs 70/-, Tubes – 220/- & FAN – 1110/- Only. Strict action will be taken against any VLEs found overcharging.

For any other information or clarification please contact your respective CSC SPV state Team.


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 LED and Mobile repair kits are now availabe at Digital Seva portal

We are pleased to inform that Mobile Repair Kit and LED Repair Kit are available now at Digital Seva portal. VLEs can deliver the service of Mobile and LED Repairing in their Gram Panchayat.

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