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  Ayushman Bharat through CSCs: Ratan Singh and his story of successful heart transplant

In the district of Daulatganj, Ratan Singh was recently struck with a heart attack. When taken to the local hospital nearby, his family was informed that they would have to incur an amount of Rs. 2 lacs if they wanted to go through the heart transplant procedure.

This was a heavy burden for the family which has been facing financial constraints for quite some time now, and investing huge lump sum of Rs. 2 lacs seemed impossible for them until they came across Prahlad Singh Parihar who informed them about the benefits of Ayushman Bharat.

According to this plan, if you successfully acquire an Ayushman card you would be eligible for a free heart transplant or other major medical procedures. They were told to contact a VLE named Arjun Singh Dodhiya who worked with the CSC to extend such benefits to citizens with financial issues.

Ratan Singh had already registered for an Ayushman card but usually it takes around 45 days to reach the person, which would have proven fatal for Ratan Singh so Mr. Dodhiya came to their rescue when he offered to help them. Mr. Dodhiya contacted the Ayushman helpline and informed about the health status Ratan Singh was in.

They took a note and Ratan Singh was immediately admitted to Dheeraj Hospital in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, and was told that he could make the payments later when he received his card as it would be approved soon.

Ratan Singh has successfully had a heart transplant, free of cost, and now has been released from the hospital. Ratan Singh and his family appreciates and believes that it is because of such an initiative and through the help of VLE Mr. Dodhiya, that he was able to incur such benefits even under heavy financial constraints.


  Ayushman Bharat Service Security Awareness

Dear VLE, In an effort to maintain the privacy and integrity of beneficiary data, you are directed never share the beneficiary data such as Name, Address, DoB, mobile number, Voter Id, Ration card ID, Driver’s license, Aadhaar Number with anyone. Be aware, this information can be misused. NHA, CSC SPV and SHA will never ask for such details to be shared .

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