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हिन्दी में पढ़ने के लिए इधर क्लिक करें!!

  Tele-Law workshops conducted in Darrang and Barpeta, Assam

In order to disseminate information related to Tele-Law to the stakeholders, training cum workshops were conducted in various districts of Assam. During the workshops officials from central team, district team along with VLEs and PLVs were present.

District Darrang
Training session was conducted at Sanatham Dharma Hall in Darang, Assam. Total 76 VLEs & PLVs participated in the refresher training of the Tele-Law along with the CSC District team, Darrang.

District Barpeta
On 06th December, 2019 workshop was organised at DRDA Hall in Barpeta, Assam. Total 82 VLEs & PLVs participated in the training of the Tele-Law along with the District team Barpeta under Aspirational Districts.

Presently a total of 135536 cases are registered under Tele-Law project, out of which 106339 cases have received advice from the panel Lawyers.
For more information log in to: http://www.tele-law.in/  
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CscTeleLaw/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Tele_Law


  Success story of CSC Academy beneficiary

Beneficiary Name: Khushi
Male/Female : Female
Class : 10th
School Name: Government Girls Senior Secondary School, Azadpur Colony, New Delhi

Khushi is a 10th standard student at Government Girls Senior Secondary School Azadpur Colony, who resides in the slum of Lal Bagh Azadpur. Her mother is a housewife and father is daily wage worker at Azadpur Sabji Mandi, who earns Rs.6000/month. She has five members in her family. Khushi is very bright student and wants to be an engineer.

During the field visit, VLE Priya Sharma met with her family and told them about the Toppr scheme and 14 days’ course. Khushi attended 14 days’ classes and studied English, Maths and Science. During the classes, she studied all the topics very carefully and also made notes. VLE noted that she enjoyed all the 14 days classes. CSC Academy appreciated her and gave her access of login credentials for next 6 months.

The beneficiary Khushi told that the course benefited her in Unit Test. She was able to solve most of problems of UT Test easily after learning through the Toppr. She has learnt and cleared her concept on various topics easily. She wants to continue it, because the family is not capable to pay the private tuition fees and the Toppr teaches better than a private tuition.

Khushi’s parents are very happy with the progress of her daughter’s studies. They said, “We just wanted to say thanks a lot to CSC Academy for giving my daughter this opportunity. Much of her success is due to the guidance given by Toppr and CSC team.”


  PMGDISHA campaign for villagers in Gram panchayat Panjara and Gondia, Maharashtra

VLE Sushil Nagpure GP Panjara was unemployed for the longest time until he heard of CSC.VLE started PMGDISHA training to villages from 14 to 60 years old person.

Due to this initiative, people got training of Cashless transactions , use of internet for students for studying purposes , farmers for getting information of weather and market price of their crop and emailing.

Sushil is also providing services on WI-FI Choupal, Digipay, NPS Service to Old Age Pensioners.

Gondia, Maharashtra

CSC VLE Tijesh Gautam runs a CSC at Navegaon in Gondia (Maharashtra). The VLE has taken lot of efforts in promoting the PMGDISHA project through door to door campaigning and spreading awareness.

He has completed registration of 450 candidates in his Panchayat. Training of students is going on in full speed and examination of 341 students completed till date. Young Talent is very happy to be a part of the project & also stated that the CSC Officials and the Panchayat officials have extended huge support towards the implementation of the Programme.

Tijesh started from his Start-up from CSC and now he is managing a large number of employees in his team and working in various CSC Related and Government Schemes.

Tijesh proudly said that PMGDISHA changed his life towards Self-Enhanchment. He broadened his working area, and now he is working like other Sectors as well and with the help of CSC and Impact of PMGDISHA, he provides Banking services like Digi pay and BBPS Services as well.

VLE Hitesh Vijay Singh started PMGDISHA work by providing training of Digital Literacy under PMGDISHA PMO Digital Mission mode project to villager From 14 to 60 year old. Due to this step people got training on Computers, Internet, Digital Devices, Smart phones, Cashless transaction(BHIM) for student they got information and knowledge related to study purpose and has registered and trained 300 students under this Scheme.

He says that CSC provided him a path to become self-sufficient and a backbone in his locality for government services. Because of PMGDISHA he has successfully become a self-employed and can also call himself a young entrepreneur.

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