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  Woman VLE empowers villagers in Ambarampalayam, Tamil Nadu

Vijaylakshmi is a VLE from Ambarampalayam village in Tamil Nadu. 5 years back, she started a browsing centre where she possessed only one computer because of financial constraints. After a year she enrolled herself with CSC as a VLE.

With time, her business has flourished and she now has a computer centre with 7 computers and 3 printers. She was felicitated in her high school where people appreciated her effort for making their life easier. The possibility of access for certificates on income, nativity, community etc is now made possible because of her association with CSC and especially services as such as PMG-DISHA for computer courses, PM-SYM for pension etc.

She admits that PMG-DISHA has been one of the most useful in carrying her business out and for the people in her locality. It was easily accessible from having to travel to cities to enroll themselves with the services and has been majorly helpful for the people in MNREGA and SHG .

She has also recently held a function for distribution of certificates regarding students registered under PMG-DISHA. Over time she has successfully completed tests for 300 students and she is thankful to CSC SPV for not only helping her with improvement in her livelihood but also making her the means to create an easy access for governmental services.


  Story of SC entrepreneur who redefined e-Governance in Etawah, UP

According to a report of Ministry of Minority Affairs, over 44.8% of ST and 33.8% of SC populations in rural India were below poverty line in 2011-12 as against 30.8% of Muslims. In urban areas, 27.3% of ST and 21.8% of SC were poor, whereas economically backward Muslims stood at 26.5%. Even decline in poverty among rural ST population was slowest.

Thanks to the CSCs, there is a steep rise in the condition of entrepreneurs from SC/ST community. There is a phenomenal rise in entrepreneurship among SC/ST communities through CSC ecosystem. Around 30 percent VLEs are from SC/ST communities who are running CSCs across the country.

This is the story of VLE Asharam from Takrupur vilage, Etawah who went against all odds and made CSC a successful business. Once unimaginable and even unaccepted, Asharam built sustainable business through CSC platform out of scratch, and fought the dual battle of economic and social oppression. Asharam’s panchayat Takrupur is in Mahewa Block, Etawah District of Uttar Pradesh, falling under Kanpur Division.

Asharam along with his mother and two siblings once worked as a daily wage worker in Etawah. His family worked hard to ensure Asharam got a decent education. Asharam didn’t disappoint his family and completed MBA. He joined a Private Company, but found himself victim of caste-based discrimination. He quit his job and started CSC in year 2014. Undeterred, Asharam in his late 20s now, started working on a laptop that was donated by the then state government for Scheduled Caste candidates. Today, he has 4 computers and 4 printers at his CSC. Asharam has employed 4 people from SC community at his centre.

Mukesh Kumar is one of the beneficiaries from CSC center of Asharam. Mukesh, a daily wage labourer in his 40s, and lives in Gram Panchayat Takrupur, Etawah (Uttar Pradesh). He has been suffering from stomach disease for several months. Mukesh is from SC community and is facing financial constraints due to extreme poverty, and his treatment was going in Delhi based hospital. Takrupur based CSC VLE Asharam went to his residence and made his Ayushman Bharat card. Mukesh has spent barely forty thousand rupees over a period of almost two years. “This surgery would have cost me at least six lakh rupees in a private hospital. Even in a government institute, it would be partially subsidised. But with the help of VLE, due to Ayushman Bharat card, my treatment is almost free,” he said. Mukesh is entitled beneficiary of PM-JAY. A cobbler by profession, his monthly income is about Eight thousand rupees. The cashless treatment has come as a huge relief.

VLE Asharam has so far registered more than 600 people under Ayushman Bharat.

Apart from Ayushman Bharat, the VLE is providing services on Insurance, DigiPay, NPS, Electricity bill collection, PMSYM, PMKMY, FSSAI and Banking. The monthly transactions from all his services of his centre range from Rs. 100,000 to Rs. 1,50,000.

VLE Asharm has so far disbursed pension to more than 300 old age people through DIGIPay in his village Panchayat. Now, due to the CSC VLE, the old age people of the SC-dominated village Takrupur don’t go to bank and post office that are at long distance from the village.

Through CSC, benefits of various welfare schemes are now available to people from marginalized communities of the surrounding villages. Besides, other services, CSC is helping them meet their service requirements in time and in a cost effective manner. The village Panchayat is located 24 KM towards South from District head quarters Etawah. Transportation is limited. Citizens from nearby villages Nandgawan, Eknor, Chandai, Asadpur, Tejpura come to Asharam’s CSC to avail various services. Thus, VLE Asharam has transformed lives of villagers in a big way, especially for SC community in Etawah.

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