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हिन्दी में पढ़ने के लिए इधर क्लिक करें!!

 Digitally Literacy improves the livelihood of citizens in Chamurchi, Jalpaiguri

VLE Ashok Mahato operates from Newdooars Tea Estate, PO Chamurchi, Jalpaiguri. This is a very remote and backward area with limited access to water, proper roads, and good education, internet connectivity, and more importantly computer education.

In spite of all the shortcomings of the locality, the VLE has been trying to provide digital education under PMGDISHA banner to the villagers and has successfully registered 282 students and trained them. In spite of all the hardships in the tea garden and surrounding locality, students travel to his centre from distant places to attend PMGDISHA classes. Few of the certified students are earning their livelihood by working as Data entry operator in the city now.


 PMGDISHA helps villagers in day to day life in Hooghly

Earlier most of the people in Balikul Purba Gram Panchayat of Hooghly district faced lots of hardship in their day to day lives due to lack of digital literacy. In this scenario training of digital devices under PMGDISHA has helped the villagers to a large extent.

Many educated senior citizens did not get a scope to take computer classes as well as many people were not able to take digital education due to poverty.

PMGDISHA has been beneficial to all those people as it is a short termed course which is free of cost.VLE Rakesh Pal has been successful in conducting the PMGDISHA classes in his locality and the beneficiaries are very pleased after completion of this course as it has helped them in several of their daily life activities.

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