Weekly Newsletter of CSC e-Governance Services India Limited, March 13, 2018  |   CSC network is one of the largest Government approved online service delivery channels in the world

 CSC VLEs Promoting Digital Literacy through Workshops in Solapur

To accomplish the Prime Minister’s vision of Digital India, the VLEs have been hosting a number of workshops in district Solapur district to enroll maximum number of candidates to the ambitious digital literacy project.

For educating the denizens about the scheme and its benefits, the awareness camps and workshops at various levels saw a huge participation from the villagers. As a result of the tireless efforts from the VLEs, 203 PMGDISHA training centers have been registered in 242 Gram Panchayats of the district .


 Women VLEs Revolutionizing Rural India through Wi-Fi Choupal

Janaga Rajalakshmi is a VLE of Palayam Village in Puducherry. She provides Wi Fi Choupal Services in her village. She has 216 subscribers who are using Wi-fi Choupal internet for their routine activities.

She educates customers to improve their digital literacy using Wi-Fi Choupal. She has given digital literacy training under PMGDISHA to 232 candidates in her village. Through Wi-Fi Choupal there has been a change in the life style of her family and she is earning good income and aims to provide more knowledge on Wi-Fi in her village.

Wi-Fi Choupal is very helpful to students as it improves their computer knowledge and also studying various subjects for their project work. She offers 500 MB free Wi-Fi to school students to prepare their projects and assignments .

Savita Markam, an active VLE from Lodi GP,Wadavnagar Block provides multiple services of CSC at her centre. She started Wi-Fi Choupal service for her customers. As she understood that Wi-Fi was integral for delivering other online services of CSC to the customers. Its affordability, low cost, dynamic plans and range made it versatile. The people are very happy with this service as they got very effective response of the high speed internet. It is a great initiative of CSC towards strengthening rural India with digitalization she added.

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