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हिन्दी में पढ़ने के लिए इधर क्लिक करें!!

  CSC Kothabhuin on digital literacy mission in Odisha

Dushmanta Kumar Pradhan, after completing his higher studies, aspired for a government job,but he was destined to serve the villagers by running a CSC centre.

He sought the information by contacting the toll free number and was excited to know about the digital services delivered through CSC.

He initially started with PMGDISHA with enrolling the whole neighbourhood for the project. “Though I had to cross many hurdles for delivering the quality service, it got better over the period. The low connectivity of internet was the primary challenge, however, we have upgraded the internet services at a 4G speed,” says the VLE.

Apart from the Kothabhuin Gram Panchayat officials, the denizens also extended their total support to make the project a big success.


  Online Learning Solution for improving Spoken English

(1) About English Bolo

EnglishBolo is a blended learning solution that helps improve English speaking skills, anytime and anywhere.

Launched by IL & FS Education in collaboration with US based ed-tech company English Helper, it targets youth who would like to improve their English and excel in their personal and professional lives

  • Unique Features
  • Online Program for 90 days - Learn on any device – computer/ phone
  • Multi-lingual support: Navigate the website in your language with real time word translation


  • Level Placement - Learners’ levels are assessed, and content is structured accordingly, so they can relate better and start speaking effectively in work and social settings
  • Learning Material – Aligned with The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), an international standard for describing language ability
  • Final Test and Completion Certificate: Upon completion of the learning modules, learners take a final test and are awarded a completion certificate
  • Learning Methodology

EnglishBolo is based on the value of multisensory learning, encouraging learners to read, listen, and speak to improve confidence and fluency. The program is made up of 2 segments that complement each other – Self learning lessons and Teacher led classes

    • Self Learning: 40 ‘Learn Yourself’ Modules –This is facilitated by the tools built into the program, including read aloud at various speeds, pronunciation tools, dictionary, picture dictionary and multi-lingual support


    • Teacher Led Classes: 10 ‘Learn with a Teacher’ Modules. After every 3 self-learning classes, learners can join online conversation practice classes with expert teachers to help build confidence and spoken English skills
  • Program Requirements
  • Connectivity

Access to broadband or 3G data services

  • Hardware

Learn on any device - Computers, Smart phones or Tablets

  • Time

Devote at least 4 hours each week; 3 hours for self- learning & 1 hour for teacher led virtual

  • Learners Speak


“Learning with English Bolo was a superb experience. Speaking English has become so easy. Now when someone speaks to me in English I don't fumble neither get scared to talk. I speak very confidently. Thanks to EnglishBolo.” – Parth, Student

“Joining EnglishBolo course was a good experience for me. The course has very sound content to learn English as well as very precise and interesting.” – Vyas, Housewife

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