Weekly Newsletter of CSC e-Governance Services India Limited, December 18, 2018  |   CSC network is one of the largest Government approved online service delivery channels in the world

  Top Transacting VLEs sharing their experiences

VLE name: K Satya Narayan Patro
State: Odisha

VLE K Satya Narayan Says, "CSC has given me not only a great platform for sustainable livelihood but also generated employment in my panchayat." Every day 150-200 people come to his CSC centre to avail the benefits of Digital India.

VLE Name: Santosh Kiri
State: Chhattisgarh

The VLE is providing services on Passport, PAN Card, DigiPay and Aadhaar. "Earlier people visit 30 km distance in the nearby district to avail B2C and G2C services. Now, Citizens can get services at their doorsteps through my CSC", says VLE Santosh.


  Success story of VLE Kailash Shivangi from Davanagere, Karnataka


Kailash Shivangi





VLE Kailash Shivangi, started Common Services Center [CSC] with an Aadhaar Client Kit in the city of Davanagere, Karnataka. In the beginning, he had to cater the needs of new enrollments and updation of data of nearby localities only. The major new enrollees were children below 5 years who had some difficulties in the center like commuting, standing in the queue, etc.

In order to make it easy to the children to get Aadhaar, he started the enrollments through Tabs. Initially, he started with one tab. It was really a very good technology to adopt since it hardly took 5 minutes to enroll a kid. Based on the success with one tab, he created a new team of young and enthusiastic operators who are go-getters into the deep villages to enroll the last kid.

Most of the operators in the team couldn’t afford to purchase new tabs and fingerprint devices. He decided to purchase tabs and fingerprint on their behalf and chalked out enrollment route plans to each operator.

VLE says, “The first stage in the plan to meet Deputy Director, Women and Child Development Department and discuss with him/her about the availability of Anganwadi Kendras where we planned to visit and enroll the kids right at their place. The DD guided us to CDPOs [Child Development Project Officer] in each taluks. We conducted meeting in each CDPO office with CDPO and supervisors to educate them about the necessity of Aadhaar numbers to last mile person in the Aadhaar ecosystem.”


  Success story of VLE Jitendra Solanki from Dhanauri Kala


Jitendra Kumar Solanki


Gautam Buddha Nagar


Uttar Pradesh

Jitendra Kumar Solanki belongs to Dhanauri Kala Village which is a small district in Gautam Buddha Nagar, Uttar Pradesh. He has done Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Apllications. He has been providing services like aadhar, banking, insurance, education, health, PAN card, digital payment, PMGDISHA, etc to the people of his village and also to nearby villages with CSC as a medium. He first works for physically disabled, senior citizen and visually handicapped people. He has helped those people in getting their aadhar who have not got their Aadhaar even after applying for it. He has helped approximately 7500 people in getting their Aadhaar.

He has opened approximately 10,000 accounts of villagers under banking services. He has made villagers understand how to use the digital payment services due to which they are now using his center to make digital payments. He is able to provide LED lights to his village because of the CSC center, the assembling of which is done by villagers itself. He says, “CSC has helped me from time to time according to the needs and the workers of the center also help me”. He has given job to 5 people in his CSC center. “I along with my co-workers getting a good income and new experience through this job,” he adds.

He says that he and his fellow members need not require any government job for his living for which he is very thankful to CSC for all of the services.

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