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हिन्दी में पढ़ने के लिए इधर क्लिक करें!!

  Digital Empowerment of Dalits in Madhya Pradesh by Divyang VLE Nanu Chukane

Divyang VLE Nanu runs his CSC centre at gram panchayat Bishkhan in Madhya Pradesh. The village is at 150 Km distance from Betul. The VLE is working very hard for the digital empowerment of villagers from dalit and marginalized communities. Nanu took training under PwD scheme and got the certification.


  Dalit Empowerment by VLE Rajani Sodera at Susnigaria, Jharakhand

Dr. Rajani Sodera runs her CSC at East Singhbum, Panchayat:Susnigaria/ BLock: Golmuri cum Jugsalai, Jharakhand.

She is a Homoeopathic practitioner and is also associated with a non-governmental organization ‘SHAPES’ (Social Health Awareness and Public Enhancement Society). Through her work she intends to make a social impact in the region.

Dr. Rajani joined the CSC ecosystem in July 2017. Since then, she has been providing various services like income certificate, residential and caste certificates, Homeo 999, digital literacy training through PMGDISHA, banking services. Her latest venture has been the sanitary napkin manufacturing unit.

Through CSC, she has got a new direction for her work. Dr. Rajani says: “I want to empower every family especially dalit and marginalized communities of Jharkhand through digital literacy. As we are connected globally and digitally, we must learn the new technologies to make our life easier, comfortable and faster.”

Dr. Rajani is very satisfied with her work as a VLE and says it gives her the opportunity to serve villagers and marginalized communities through various schemes and help them become financially independent and gain confidence and self-respect.


 Success story of Women VLE Tiewmonlang Nongkynrih from MEGHALAYA

Tiewmonlang hails from Lummawkong, Mawjrong in Laitkroh Block of East Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya. Her Husband is into farming and she has 5 children. She is a Bachelor of arts graduate and started to work for her CSC in the year 2010.

She says CSC has changed her life, although she works for a living but running her CSC in her village has increased her social interaction with citizens in her village.

Now as all the services are available in the CSC villagers need not travel afar to avail services. She is very affirmative on the effect of her CSC on the village and community and goes on to says It also helps them save time and money.

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