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DOEACC - Women Digital Literacy

Empowering Women in Rural India through Digital Literacy

Digital literacy is one of the thrust areas identified by the Department of Information Technology. In June 2010, DIT approved the DOEACC Society to train and certify one lakh CSC Operators/ VLEs in DOEACC’s “Course on Computer Concepts” (CCC) during 2010-2011. Once certified, the VLE is expected to provide the CCC course training to citizens in villages. It is felt that the CCC course can enable women in rural India to build the required digital skills to actively benefit from ICT driven services. Thus, the Digital Literacy Training for Women Scheme proposes to leverage this existing program with DOEACC Society.

The Scheme for empowering women in Rural India through Digital Literacy envisages training of 25,000 women on the Course of Computer Concepts designed and administered by DOEACC. DOEACC is a society of the Department of Information Technology, Government of India and is responsible for both training and certifying IT manpower. DOEACC is the implementing agency of the Scheme.

The Program Management of the Scheme will be carried out by the M/s CSC e-Governance Services Pvt. Ltd hereinafter referred to as CSC SPV, which is a corporate entity created with the equity participation of State Governments, Service Centre Agencies and Financial Institutions. Government of India has one golden share.

The Scheme will be operated initially in the States of:

  • Assam
  • Bihar
  • Jammu and Kashmir
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Maharashtra
  • Rajasthan
  • Sikkim
  • Tamil Nadu
  • Uttar Pradesh and
  • West Bengal

About 2500 women will be trained in each of the 10 States.

The training to the women beneficiaries will be imparted by the VLE at the CSC. The objective of this Digital Literacy Training for Women Scheme is to enable women in rural India to become digitally literate, enabling her to acquire the basic ICT skills that empower her to:


  • actively participate in knowledge based activities,
  • enhance her education,
  • gain employment,
  • secure her livelihood,
  • manage her and her family’s health,
  • access financial, social and government services,
  • and become socially and politically active.


Through this Scheme, it is expected that every rural household will have at least one digitally literate women, who has acquired basic ICT skills that enables her to actively participate in knowledge based activities, advance her education, gain employment, manage her health as well as access financial and government services.

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