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CSC - Common Service Centres is a licensed “Certifying Authority” from the Controller of Certifying Authority (CCA), under Government of India. CSC operates as an eSign Service Provider (ESP) which acts as a “Trusted Third Party”, as per the definitions of Second Schedule of Information Technology Act, 2000.

CSC eSign platform will offer eSign services to Organizations and Banks as per the guidelines of Controller of Certifying Authorities of India and in conjunction with verification authentication offered by UIDAI for this purpose. eSign is an online electronic signature service which can be integrated with service delivery applications via an API to facilitate an eSign user to digitally sign a document.

The following are the levels of assurance defined in the Certificate Policy. Each level of assurance has an OID that can be asserted in certificates issued by CA if the certificate issuance meets the requirements for that assurance level. The OIDs are registered under the CCA are as follows:

Assurance Level


eKYC - Single Factor


eKYC - Multifactor


The OIDs allocated to CA and CPS are as given below:
S.No. Product OID
1 CSC CA 2.16.356.100.1.13
2 CSC CA CPS 2.16.356.
Per signature (signing) ₹5 per signature *(exclusive of taxes)

*Above charges are subject to terms and conditions and changes as applicable, from time to time.