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The design and appearance of the Common Services Centre’s shop front and its signage has a big impact. CSC 2.0 has been formulated in pursuance of the Government’s commitment to set up CSCs in all 2.5 lakh Gram Panchayats to provide various e-services to citizens in rural areas under the Digital India Programme. Under the Scheme, all CSCs are to have a common look and feel across the county, while also incorporating the local flavour using the State CSC logo and name of the respective CSC Kendra. The quality of shop front design is a vital component of improving the look and feel of these CSC centres. A re attractive environment will in turn attract more customers and encourage them to visit more often to to avail various services offered by these centres. This document provides guidance on the principles that should be followed in the process of erection and installing shop fronts.

Common Branding Guidelines for CSC 2.0 Click here for Download