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One of the critical success factors of the Common Services Centres (CSC) Scheme is that the IT Terminals should be available to serve the end users and internet access should be available for providing various online services. From technology standpoint it is necessary to monitor uptime of CSCs in order to ensure that the IT Terminals are functional and network services are available to serve the rural citizens during their designated hours of operation.

To facilitate easy and effective monitoring of the entire progress and performance of the CSC Scheme, Department of Information Technology has developed an online monitoring system which includes online registration and uptime monitoring solution on a Pan India basis, the solution entailed:


  • Monitoring progressive roll out of CSCs across the country by the various SCAs
  • Creating a central database of all the commissioned CSCs across the country and providing them with a unique CSC identification
  • Registering CSC IT terminals using a centralized registration process
  • Monitoring uptime performance of CSC IT terminals
  • Understanding Internet connectivity status at each of the CSCs
  • Reporting delivery of G2C Services through CSCs


CSC Online Monitoring Tool

The four key applications developed and currently implemented which form part of the CSC monitoring solution include:

CSC SMART Solution: This application tracks CSC roll out progress at block level up to the stage CSCs are finally commissioned. The application tracks CSCs over stages, such as selection of SCAs, selection of CSC locations, identification of VLEs, setting up IT infrastructure, Internet connectivity, commissioning, final certification of CSCs, the system also tracks status of BSNL connectivity at various CSC and provides useful performance information of CSCs. http://www.cscsmart.in       CSC Smart User Guide April-2011

CSC Online Monitoring Solution: Post CSCs are commissioned; the online monitoring tool helps in registration of CSC IT terminals and tracks uptime of IT terminals. Each CSC PC is required to install and register online monitoring tool. The online registration process serves a proof of availability of CSC IT terminals as validated by their unique machine ID (Mac ID) and internet availability for delivering digital services.

CSC Online Dashboard: This tool provides executive MIS on registration and uptime status of CSCs on Pan India basis and tracks the performance of CSCs, SCAs and States based on uptime logs generated and disseminated by the online monitoring tool.http://www.csclive.in/dashboard

CSC Connect: CSC Connect is a facility available to various Service Access Provider (SAP) Portals to allow CSCs to login into their portals using their unique CSC ID / password combination defined under CSC Online Monitoring System. This facility would save CSC the trouble of registering their profiles and remembering their IDs and password with multiple SAPs. The CSC Connect mechanism would make it possible for CSCs using their unique CSC ID / Password to gain access to the SAP Portal and will also help DIT to measure the usage of services of various SAP sites at various CSCs. http://www.csclive.in/cscconnect      CSC Connect FAQ

The solution currently serves the following purpose


  • Provides unique identification of a CSC based on their geography
  • Maintains a centralized database of CSCs, VLE with their addresses, email and contact details.
  • Enables online registration status of CSCs
  • Reckons uptime performance of CSCs which have been registered online on a daily basis
  • Maintains uptime Performance of a CSC, SCA and States based on CSC performance in their respective territories
  • Provides role based access to all the stakeholders based on their privilege geographic usage
  • Provides single waterfall view of CSCs from Pan India-State- District-Block to the ultimate CSC
  • Enables recording of BSNL connectivity status at each of the CSCs




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