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Central Team
Shri. Gaurav Dwivedi, Director, DietY
Email: gaurav@nic.in

Dr. Dinesh Kumar Tyagi, CEO, CSC SPV
Email: dinesh.tyagi@cscegovindia.com

Shri. Bhagwan K Ghadge Patil, COO, CSC SPV
Email: bhagwan.patil@cscegovindia.com

Kamal Kakkar, CTO
Email: kamal.kakkar@cscegovindia.com

Rajesh Seth, AVP Skill Development and Election
Email: rajesh.seth@csc.gov.in

Gaurav Chauhan, Assistant Manager - Skill Development
Email: gaurav.chauhan@csc.gov.in

Ritwik Chakraborty, Execuitve Election
Email: ritwik.chakraborty@csc.gov.in

Kavita Bisht, Company Secretary
Email: kavita@cscegovindia.com

Sugandhika Kirar, Assistant Manager HR
Email: sugandhika@cscegovindia.com

Vishal Dhamija, General Manager Finance & Accounts
Email: vishal.dhamija@csc.gov.in

Ranjana Rawat, Admin Assistant
Email: ranjana.rawat@csc.gov.in

Preeti Satija, Manager F&A
Email: preeti.satija@cscegovindia.com

Tarun Kumar, Manager F&A
Email: k.tarun@csc.gov.in

Gaurav Kumar, Sr. Executive Accounts
Email: gaurav.choudhary@csc.gov.in

Deepak Sharma, Executive Finance & Accounts
Email: deepak.sharma@csc.gov.in

Ankit Dhingra, Executive Finance & Accounts
Email: ankit.dhingra@csc.gov.in

Shilpy Gupta, Manager Finance & Accounts
Email: shilpy.gupta@csc.gov.in

Alka Mehta, Executive Finance & Accounts
Email: alka.mehta@csc.gov.in

Amit Rawat, Executive Finance & Accounts
Email: amit.rawat@csc.gov.in

Ankit Sharma, Executive Finance & Accounts
Email: ankit.sharma@csc.gov.in

Urvashi Kaul, AVP Mrkt & Comm
Email: urvashi@cscegovindia.com

Rahul Jagga, Executive Marrcomm
Email: rahul.jagga@csc.gov.in

Abhishek Paliwal, Senior Executive Marrcomm
Email: abhishek.paliwal@csc.gov.in

Soumi Banerjee, Senior Manager
Email: soumibanerjee@cscegovindia.com

Komal Kaur, Assistant Manager (VSAT, BSNL)
Email: komalkaur@cscegovindia.com

Vignesh Sornamohan, AVP Education
Email: vignesh@cscegovindia.com

Rishikesh Patankar, General Manager Education
Email: rishikesh@csc.gov.in

Subodh Mishra, Manager Education
Email: subodh@cscegovindia.com

Kanarindhana Kathirvel, Manager Education
Email: kanarindhana@csc.gov.in

Lay Smrity Guria, Assistant Manager Education
Email: smriti.lay@csc.gov.in

Kunwar Avlokiteshwar , Assistant Manager Education
Email: kunwar.singh@csc.gov.in

Amit Kumar Jain , Assistant Manager Education
Email: amit.jain@csc.gov.in

Swati Tyagi, Senior Execuitve Education
Email: swati.tyagi@csc.gov.in 

Bhagwati Jamnal, Senior Executive-Education

Meeta Mishra, Senior Executive Education
Email: meeta.mishra@csc.gov.in

Tripti Jain, Senior Executive Eductaion
Email: tripti.jain@csc.gov.in

Surbhi Sharma, Senior Executive Eductaion
Email: surbhi.sharma@csc.gov.in

Kaushik Patel, Senior Executive Education
Email: koshik.patel@csc.gov.in

Nidhi sharma, Executive-Education
Email: nidhi.sharma@csc.gov.in

Shamita Dey, Executive-Education
Email: shamita.dey@csc.gov.in

Ajeeta Tripathi, Executive-Education
Email: ajeeta.tripathi@csc.gov.in

Syed Muksed Hussain, Executive-Education

Sunny Nagpal, Senior Executive Health
Email: sunny.nagpal@csc.gov.in

Krishna Kumar Singh, Project Manager Financial Inclusion
Email: krishna@cscegovindia.com

Rishiraj Singh, AVP Financial Services
Email: rishiraj.singh@cscegovindia.com

Abhsihek Singh, Manager Financial Services (NPS)
Email: abhishek.singh@csc.gov.in

Binny Sethi, Assistant Manager-Insurance
Email: binny.sethi@csc.gov.in

Ritesh Charan, Telecaller
Email: charanritesh@yahoo.in

Shelka Charan, Telecaller
Email: charanshelka@gmail.com

Jyoti Rani, Executive
Email: jyoti202014@gmail.com

Deepak Singh Rana, Executive
Email: deepakrana2286@gmail.com

Atul Mohan, AVP NPR & UIDAI
Email: atulmohan@cscegovindia.com

Avnish Tyagi, Senior Manager UIDAI/ NPR
Email: avnish.tyagi@csc.gov.in

Uttam Gupta, Manager - UIDAI
Email: uttam.gupta@csc.gov.in

Nirmal Kumar, Assistant Manager - UIDAI (Jharkhand)
Email: nirmal.kumar@csc.gov.in

Bhupinder Pal Singh, Manager - UIDAI (Chandigarh)
Email: bhupinderp.singh@csc.gov.in

Vivek Chand Baloria, Senior Executive UIDAI (Technical)
Email: vivek.chand@csc.gov.in

Kumar Pushpendra, Manager (UIDAI Delhi)
Email: kumar.pushpendra@csc.gov.in

Hitesh Chopra, Senior Executive - UIDAI
Email: hiteshkumar.chopra@csc.gov.in

Ashwani Kumar, Assistant Manager - UIDAI
Email: ashwani.kumar@csc.gov.in

Prashant Rathour, Executive Quality and Compliance UIDAI
Email: prashant.rathour@csc.gov.in

Ashpreet, Executive (UIDAI Delhi RO)
Email: ashpreetsingh76@gmail.com

Vikram, Executive (UIDAI Delhi RO)
Email: mail2vikram90@gmail.com

Neena Sharma, Consultant Helpdesk
Email: neena.sharma@csc.gov.in

Madhur Kumar, Executive (Technical)
Email: madhur.kumar@csc.gov.in 

Amit Arora, Manager (Technical)
Email: amit.arora@csc.gov.in 

Sonia Thakur, Assistant Manager (Technical)
Email: sonia.thakur@csc.gov.in 

Raj Kishore, Assistant Manager
Email: rajkishore@cscegovindia.com

Atul Yadav, Senior Executive (Technical)
Email: atul.pyadav@gmail.com

Vineet Rohilla, Senior Executive Technical
Email: vineetkumar.rohila@csc.gov.in

Raza Hasan, Executive (Technical)
Email: raza.hasan@csc.gov.in

Aman Talwar, Executive (Technical)
Email: aman.talwar@csc.gov.in

Rajesh, Executive Helpdesk
Email: rajesh@csc.gov.in

Himani Rajput, Executive Helpdesk
Email: himani.rajput@csc.gov.in

Punita Sharma, Executive Helpdesk
Email: punita.sharma@csc.gov.in

Adil Rafi, Executive
Email: adil.rafi@csc.gov.in

Ravi Kumar, Execuitve Recon IRCTC
Email: ravi.kumar@csc.gov.in

Ashutosh Krishnatrey, Executive
Email: ashutosh@csc.gov.in

Kishore, Office Boy

Vidur, Office Boy

Krishna Giri, Office Boy

State Team

Deshpande Vaibhav Vasant, General Manager-Pune
Email: vaibhav@cscegovindia.com

Raja Kishore, AVP- Hyderabad
Email: raja.kishore@cscegovindia.com

Shaik Ismail, Executive (Hyderabad FI)
Email: shaik.ismail@csc.gov.in

B Shivakumar, Executive (Hyderabad)
Email: shivakumar51b@gmail.com

Shiladitya Sarkar, Manager (Regional Coordinator)
Email: shiladitya@cscegovindia.com

Shambhu Kumar, Senior Manager (Ranchi, Jharkhand)
Email: shambhu@cscegovindia.com

Madan Mohan Rout, Senior Manager (Chhattisgarh)
Email: madanmohan.rout@csc.gov.in

Omprakash Bharti, Manager (UP)
Email: omprakash.bharti@csc.gov.in

Avanish Kumar Singh, Manager (UP)
Email: avanish.singh@csc.gov.in

Namita Dwivedi, Executive (UP)
Email: namita.dwivedi@csc.gov.in

Animesh Mishra, Executive (UP)
Email: animesh.mishra@csc.gov.in

Sunil Kumar, Assistant Manager (Madhya Pradesh)
Email: sunilkr@csc.gov.in

Sameer Subhash Patil, Manager (Maharashtra)
Email: sameer@cscegovindia.com

Priya Ranjan Pandey, Executive Technical

Nitish Baghel, Executive
Email: nitish.baghel@csc.gov.in

Rupam Kumar, Manager (Patna)
Email: rupam.kumar@cscegovindia.com

Niraj Kumar Singh, Assistant Manager
Email: niraj.kumar@csc.gov.in

Sandeep Sharma, State Coordinator
Email: sandeep.sharma@csc.gov.in

Karan Sharma, Executive (HP, Shimla)
Email: karan@cscegovindia.com

Jayesh Bhanushali, Project Manager (Gujarat)
Email: jayesh@cscegovindia.com

Ronak Prajapati, Executive (Daman & Diu)
Email: ronak.prajapati@csc.gov.in

Pramod Kumar, Senior Executive (UIDAI - Jharkahnd)
Email: pramod.kumar@csc.gov.in

Gaurav Shinde, Senior Executive Raigad
Email: gaurav.shinde@csc.gov.in

Bablu Chakraborty, Manager (Pune)
Email: bablu.chakraborty@nic.in

Richa Bhatnagar, Manager (Rajasthan)
Email: richab@csc.gov.in

Nikhil Arora, Senior Executive (Rajasthan)
Email: nikhil.arora@csc.gov.in

Nilesh Chandrakant Kumbhare, Senior Executive (Chandrapur)
Email: nilesh.kumbhare@csc.gov.in

Wangkhem Dilip Singh, Senior Executive (Manipur)
Email: dilip.singh@csc.gov.in

Kamlesh Banjaria, Deputy Manager, (Bhopal),MP
Email: kamlesh.banjaria@csc.gov.in

Enosh Kumar, Senior Executive (Assam, Nagaland, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh)
Email: enosh.kumar@csc.gov.in

Swornaprabha Singh, Assistant Manager (Orissa)
Email: swornap@csc.gov.in

Arpita Pandaa, Executive (Orissa)
Email: arpita.panda@csc.gov.in

Rakesh Kumar Bhagat, Executive
Email: rakesh.kumar@csc.gov.in

Ronak Patel, Manager (UIDAI Gujarat)
Email: ronak.patel@csc.gov.in

Rashmi Jeta, Assistant Manager (UIDAI)
Email: rashmi.jeta@csc.gov.in

Ajeet Kumar Pal, Senior Executive (UIDAI)
Email: ajeet.pal@csc.gov.in

Manish Dixit, Executive (UIDAI)
Email: manish.dixit@csc.gov.in

Jaydip Kumar Mallah, Executive (UIDAI)
Email: jaydip.mallah@csc.gov.in

Md. Hannan Alam, Executive (UIDAI)

Sanjay Vishwakarma, Executive (UIDAI)

Tameshwar Lal, Executive (UIDAI)

Rishi Kumar, Executive (UIDAI)

Nitesh Lala, Executive (UIDAI)

Arup Banerjee, Senior Manager (West Bengal)
Email: arup.banerjee@csc.gov.in

Sujit Pandey, Senior Executive (West Bengal)
Email: sujit.pandey@csc.gov.in

Nighat Nasreen, Senior Executive (J&K)
Email: nighat.nasreen@csc.gov.in

Andrew Jaychandran, Assistant Manager (Tamil Nadu)
Email: ajchand@csc.gov.in

Padmakumar Nair, Manager
Email: kvpadmakumar.nair@csc.gov.in

Indu Bala, Executive (Haryana)
Email: indu.bala@csc.gov.in

Arvinder Singh, Executive (Punjab & Chandigarh)
Surojit Dutta Banik, Senior Executive (Shillong, Meghalaya)
Email: surojitdutta.banik@csc.gov.in


Anupam Shrivastava, Principal Consultant

Syed Aftabuddin, Senior Consultant (FI - Patna)
Email: aftab.unionbank@gmail.com

Ramesh Kumar Bhutani, Senior Consultant (FI)
Email: rkbhutani@cscegovindia.com

Sanjay Shivani, Senior Consultant (Lucknow)
Email: sanjay.shivani@cscegovindia.com

Johnson S, Consultant

Outsourced from Nirwana Micro Systems

Pankaj Kumar, System Engineer
Email: pankaj.kr@nic.in, fms@nirwana.in




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